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Here is an experiment mixing together some of my
recent stuff I’ve done in this log. I’ve been playing with
some today, and I’ve set up an Active Folder with all the
web pages and some of the MP3s of every group that has been a “Band of
the day” in this blog. We’ll see how that goes. If it works as
advertised, then I should start getting a feedback loop going where I
get new recommendations that I further bubble into increased
relevance. That’s what the brochures say anyway. For those on the OC
network, this is user “biscuithead” with folder “Indy Music”.

The OpenCOLA stuff seems pretty cool, but there is a definite learning
curve to even understanding the concepts. It’s not like Kazaa or
something like that where 10 seconds after you install you are
browsing away. Several hours after setting up my initial folders, I
got my first “peer revelance” recommendation, although he has nothing
shared so I can’t tell why OC thinks we have tastes in common. More to

No Title

The Braves game was good and fun, if a little somber (for me at least)
because of the chance that a strike will eliminate the best shot my
boys have at taking it all since 1995. The tickets we had included
parking in a nearby lot. We navigated a surface street route that got
us there from the house in less than 15 minutes, so we were there
around 6:15. We went inside, and since the tickets also included
passes to the 755 club, we ate there. I was underimpressed, as it was
like eating at a not-so-good TGI Fridays, if that Fridays overlooked
Turner Field and cost $90 for dinner for four. The seats were good,
about 25 feet past first base and eight rows back. This is by far the
closest I’ve ever been at a Braves game.

The game itself was a good, not-so-flashy victory. I did enjoy when
Rafael Furcal stole a base and the PA played Pink Floyd’s “Run Like
Hell.” Late in the game we had some excitement when a bat flew into
the row behind us. Not a wooden one, a fruit bat carrying a baby. That
was exciting enough, but the jabberjaws people behind us (who had
carried on a constant stream of patter since the 2nd inning) did not
stop talking about this damn bat until they left in the 8th. Good
riddance. All in all, a good outing.

I did hear some old guys at the table next to us at dinner talk about
a fan strike. I think the few days before the 30th, people should
stop going to the games, return their tickets for cash, and walk a
picket line outside carrying signs with slogans like “You Strike, I’m
Out” or “We Won’t Come Back This Time” or “You all make millions from a
kids game, players or owners, millions that we stuff in your pockets
and if this is the way you want to repay us for 130 years of loyalty,
by destroying the second season in a decade, then we shall place those
millions elsewhere.” I wonder how one organizes a fan strike? I
suppose sports talk radio is a place to start.