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Posted on August 27, 2002
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Dumbass me, I forgot to publish my last entry yesterday. Oops. I
actually did do a band of the day yesterday. I also forgot to mention
about Make Believe a few days ago that it was my first OpenCOLA
success story. I have a folder with my weblog plus all pages that I’ve
referenced as BOTD and the main page for that record label showed up
as a recommendation. Cool!

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Posted on August 27, 2002
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I may not be weblogging or posting to the newsgroups much over the
next week. I’m at one of those climax points (as in climax forests) where to do anything
means not doing another thing. I have enough to do that I could not
sleep in the next two weeks and still be busy. Just a few quick
thoughts for the moment.

I got the Aimee Mann CD I preordered today. It is a beautiful package,
a great CD. If it weren’t for free downloads, I wouldn’t have known it
was available. There’s a datum of no statistical significance for you.

I spoke too soon on that Arin stuff yesterday. Today, they switched over
the other server, so I was back to implementing the new parsing All At
Once in a Big Hurry. I got it done, though. I really have to rewrite
this crappy whois proxy thing that the script is based around –
something my boss downloaded from somewhere.

Dragon*Con starts on Friday. I’ll probably swing by downtown Thursday
night and pick up the registration stuff while it is relatively
easy. That way I can leave work early on Friday and just waltz in. If
I’m not on any panels, I’ll pick the events I want to attend, budget
myself a few hours for the dealers room, an evening to wander around
parties, and not attend the rest of the time. I originally was telling
my wife that I couldn’t do anything that weekend but now I’m changing
my mind. We might go to Rome to visit some kinda-kin of hers. Or maybe

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Posted on August 27, 2002
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Music TopicToday’s band of the day is James Kochalka
(Superstar). He’s a cartoonist and a musician and generally a
brilliant freak. His music is lo-fi and so is his cartooning, and I
love it all. One of my first act of unauthorized behind the scenes
machinations with the WREK automation was to add Kochalka’s song
“Monkey vs. Robot” into it. Here is his
download page.


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