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I’m torn between being excited about going to Dragon*Con and still
being pissed about this programming stuff. I’ll admit to being
confused why I’m even accepted as a guest year after year if they
don’t want me to do anything. Whatever. Before Ed Kramer had his legal
troubles, he was always very nice to me and would help make things
right for the live radio remotes and things like that. I really don’t know
the guy very well – if I’ve spent 30 minutes talking to him ever, I’d
be surprised. He did give me a call and offer me the job as D*Con’s
head of media relations back in 1995 or 1996. I considered it, but I
didn’t think I could do it adequately from Louisiana. In retrospect I
probably could have and it would have been fun. Que sera. At least
with my guest status I got to register in under 20 minutes (from
entering to leaving the parking garage) when the attendee line was at
least 100 people long already and I can get into the VIP suite. What
else do I want, really?

I’m leaving work pretty soon to go by and scout things out. Sunday I
have decided will be my big day and I’m undecided how much time I’ll
spend there any of the other days. Jefferson Starship plays Sunday, as
does Diana Obscura (former band of the
). That’s also the day of several of the EFF track panels I am
interested in. It will be fun and I’m sure I’ll run across many old
friends as I always do. I think I’ll also be taking my laptop just to
see if there is any wifi access there. If there is, I’ll make a few
weblog posts from the con itself. What joy for every girl and boy!

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Almost missed doing any entries for today. I ran by and got the
Dragon*Con registration stuff and it wasn’t a dream or an optical
illusion. I am on no panels at all. Sigh. I don’t know why I bother,

The Paul Melancon thing was weird but good. He was playing with Sue Witty, another similar musician
at a coffee house near Little Five Points. They traded songs back and
forth (playing neither of the two that has me worked into a lather)
for a while with LOTS of chatter between. I’d rather have had more
songs, frankly, but it is their party. “Less talk, more rock” as I
said walking out. Darlene thinks Sue has the prettiest voice in
Atlanta music. I still think Michelle Malone does. Que sera.

The guy that opened commented about my T. Rex shirt as we walked in. I
have this white shirt with the cover to THE SLIDER, that washed out
high contrast picture of Bolan in top hat. I get more comments from
random stranger on that than any other garment I own. People love
T. Rex, I suppose. I do. I’m a jeepster for your love, Buick McKane,
under the mambo sun.