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On my drive home today, I was behind a PT Cruiser with one of those
advertising car wraps, for a firm named RetroTechs. It had pulp sci-fi
graphics in and around the logo. I looked them up when I got home, and
find they are a Mac and PC support organization (seems like Mac is
their specialty) that is jazzing up their image. They seem to be going
for a Ghostbusters-y/Men In Black kind of branding, where they all wear sunglasses
and skinny ties. Turns out their headquarters is right in my
neighborhood and they’ve been around for 11 years (albeit with a
different name and without the schtick.) Still, how did I miss all
this? Goofy but fun.

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  1. The RetroTechs marketing is amazing – but after 13 years of starting and running the RT’s the CEO sold his shares of the company, and with him left the the senior staff (all management).
    The company is now deep in debt, and struggling to get by led by a true GA redneck and his father. They have dissolved the whole look, and kept the cars because they can’t unload them without loosing $.
    Many of the clients that were with them have gone with David LaMarcas new Company “3 Alarm Fire Consulting” or Complete Technology Partners” (Bryan Sloan and John Cradock).
    So the RetroTechs may be fun to look at – be aware they are not the same company that they were in March ’03. I would check out LaMarca or Complete Technology Partners
    That’s interesting to know the backstory. I saw of their PT Cruisers out in my office park (Palisades on Peachtree-Dunwoody) a few months ago. Really, losing the schtick is a bad idea. It’s a cool differentiator in the marketplace, and all things being equal and amongst several companies who could do the same job at the same price, I’d take the ones who are the most fun and who amuse me.

    Don’t believe everything you read. You never know! You can bet they are not the same company anymore now that they have lost the dead weight! The only thing that changed about the look is the stupid white shirt and tie.
    No offense RShepley, but what are you talking about?!?! It’s funny to hear the three guys who were kicked out of the RetroTechs are on this site bashing the RetroTechs. I’m sure the RetroTechs have had to “put out” a lot of 3 Alarm Fires. It seems odd that the RetroTechs, a company “deep in debt”, is acquiring another technology firm. BTW, as far as I know, there’s plenty of good management there (at least as of last week), so anyone who left with LaMarca is probably not missed. I could tell you some old stories involving the deposed management; you’d laugh (or cry). The only reason we deal with them is because those three are gone. Since RShepley is so well informed, perhaps he can enlighten us as to why the CEO would, so willingly, sell his shares to such a great company. Hmm..I wonder if we’ll get a response to this
    Guys, I posted my observations of a funny car over a year ago. That’s the extent of my involvement. I have no horse in this race, and I don’t care about Retrotechs politics. I barely care about the politics of my own workplace. I don’t even live in Atlanta any more, so none of this affects me. I’m not in the market for any of these firms. Argue about it all you want on your own dime, but please don’t do it in my space.

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No Title

Interesting article in USA Today about the rift between recording
artists and the RIAA – read
it here.
My favorit bit:

“The record companies are like cartels, like countries, for God’s
sake,” singer/songwriter Tom Waits says. “It’s a nightmare to be
trapped in one. I’m on a good label (Epitaph) now that’s not part of
the plantation system. But all the old records I did for Island have
been swallowed up and spit out in whatever form they choose. These
corporations don’t have feelings, and they don’t see themselves as the
stewards of the work. They are making shoes, and then they want to go
to the Bahamas and get a suntan.”