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I’m a little tired after our “school night” excursion. David Ryan
Harris (still no website to link to!) really put on a good show,
playing for 2 and half hours, mostly just him and his guitar. His
bandmate from Brand New Immortals joined him for a few songs
(including their one hit, “Reason Why”) but mostly Dave just rocked,
told jokes and otherwise held court. The place was packed, since
everyone that wanted to go to one and never did knew this was their
last shot. He talked a little about the White Dot, a club I will post
a little bit about later. He used to play the club underaged while I
attended his shows underaged.

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Soon we are going to the last David Ryan Harris Social at Smith’s Olde
Bar. He’s moving to L.A. this month. Very sad, I’ve been a fan of his
solo and in various bands since I was 20.

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For some reason, today is like a week of Mondays all rolled
together. My god, I did not want to get up and go to work today.

One of the things I am strongly resisting in this weblog is to be
driven by “blog envy.” I read Doc
Searls weblog
every day, pretty
much, and he often points to blogs and says “This guy is a heavy
hitter” or “Insightful blog here.” I really am avoiding pandering to
what I think other bloggers want to see. As much as I would like Doc
to think I’m a heavy hitter, that’s not a goal in and of itself and
that shouldn’t address what I do. If I want to talk about the
physio-mechanical issues of wearing wrestling boots, that’s what I
should do. Although I have political and social issues I want to talk
about here, for the most part I haven’t gotten there yet. This is
predominantly a time issue, as to do them justice I need some
uninterrupted cycles. Really, if I had those, I should be putting them
towards finishing “the book that would not end”. Soon enough, though,
soon enough.

I got the Michelle Malone
e-mail newsletter today, and she comes very close to concisely
enumerating my political philosophy when she says “People first, money
second. Remember that and tell your politicians.”

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No Linda Blair, she had already boogied. My convention went from being
“ehh” to a solid positive experience by the efforts to two men,
Michael J. Nelson and Kevin Murphy from MST3K. I went to their panel this
morning, which was hilarious. I had not realized that Kevin had a book
A Year at the Movies: One Man’s Filmgoing Odyssey
. I
must buy this. I wish he had brought a few boxes of them, I’d have
bought one and gotten it signed right there. As it was, I got them to
autograph my program book, had my picture taken with them and got
Kevin’s business card so I can send them the tape of the interview I
did with them in 1997 and never did send. They were so funny and
pleasant that they moved the whole congoing experience into the win

I also bought the newest Changelings CD, some stuff from Top Shelf
books including a James Kochalka CD and some graphic novels, and a
Kevin and Kell collection, which Bill Holbrook signed for me. He’s a
great guy. I never assume that anyone remembers me and I try not to
put them on the hook with “remember me?” games. So I mentioned that
I’ve interviewed him and he said, “Yeah, Reality Break, right?” “Wow,”
thinks I. I also showed him and the Plan Nine publisher how I have
Safe Havens and On the Fastrack on my Palm every day, which they
thought was quite cool. They are looking at doing something similar,
and I had to tell them that what I do (use Sitescooper first, then run
Plucker over the resulting files, both on a timer) is not yet a prime
time, average user type deal. Fun talking to them.

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I guess I’ll be going back for a little while today. I’ll see what
closeout deals I can get in the dealers room. I might will pay for
Linda Blair’s picture and autograph, and there is a panel with Mike
Nelson and Kevin Murphy from MST3K at 11:30. Beyond that I have no
aspirations. The flyers for my eBook, Fictionwise and WREK seem to be
going nice and steadily. I like to come back and see some but not
many. If there are none, you never know if someone pitched them. If
there are a lot, that’s not good. I like to have 3 on the table when I
see if more are needed. I’ll be interested to see if Fictionwise gets
a bump from this. If I ask nicely, maybe they’ll tell me how many
people actually redeem the coupon.

Dragon*Con Shenanigans

Is yesterday the first day that I’ve missed since I started this?
Wow. Before we left north Georgia, we made a very brief trip through
Amicalola Falls Park, just enough to convince us that we should come
back some other time when we can do it justice. We power drove from
Dawsonville home and I suited up in my Mexican wrestler outfit. I was
trying to make it to the convention by 2:30 to see Diana Obscura. I
got there about 3:00 and she wasn’t playing, I guess she had
cancelled. Such is life at Dragon*Con.

I refreshed all the flyers, and made another circuit through the
place. I went to a panel on eBooks on which the only panelist was John Ringo (why wasn’t I on that one if there was only a single panelist?
Sheesh!) although Ed Howdershelt from Abintra Press also came up and
joined him by the middle. Ringo is one of those guys that I hate to
have on the same side of an argument as me. He was kind of a blowhard and didn’t have much logical consistency to anything he was saying, mostly a series of forceful assertions.

I drove home and took my wife to dinner, and then suited back up and returned for more. I went to an 8:30 panel on the “Hacker Work Ethic” which compared it to the “Protestant Work Ethic” and
described/defined it. This is a subject I care about, and yet the
presenter was so boring that I walked out. 30 minutes was all I could
take. I met up with the usual suspects for Dragon*Cons – area
writers Rob Sommers, Steve Antczak, Gary Kim Hayes and Jim “Hawk”
Bassett. We sat in the hotel bar for a while, a few of us went
upstairs to the guest VIP room (free drinks) where at one point Phil
Morris (Jackie Childs on Seinfeld), Lou Ferrigno (Incredible Hulk) and
Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) were all up there. That may be the best part of being a guest at Dragon*Con, drinking with the media guests. The
guy mixed rum and cokes so strong that I could barely drink them. You
couldn’t take drinks out of the suite (this must be new because I used
to) so I found myself trying to pound this cocktail and I couldn’t. I
went to the soda table and kept putting more Diet Coke into it in an
effort to make it drinkable. By the time I put it down and left, I was
on my way to being half-lit.

I went back to the prime table at the hotel bar – it was the best view
on the milling crowds in the whole place – where I sat with the guys
for a little while, and then went to see Jefferson Starship play. It
was a pretty good show, but I felt slightly cheated that Paul Kanter
wasn’t there. I was pretty sure all the promo stuff stressed that both
Kantner and Marty Balin were involved and that this wasn’t one of
those “single founder hires new band but uses old name” type nostalgia shows, which in fact it was. It was OK nonetheless. They played “Miracles”, my favorite of all the Airplane/Starship songs. They had a female vocalist in the Grace Slick role who looked to be in her 20’s, younger than Grace Slick was when she joined the band. That’s got to be a tough set of shoes to step into. She did really belt it out for
“White Rabbit.” It ended with some odd schtick of cops onstage cuffing
the guitar player and leading him off – I never quite got that. I
milled around for a little while past that and then dragged my tired
self to bed.