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Going through my and Dueling Modems Newsgroups, I see there
are plenty of groups I haven’t read since late September. I tried to
sort them by priority of what I enjoy and post to, so that when time
is short I read those first. I had no idea it had been a month since
I’d gotten all the way through, though.

No Title

I don’t know if the novelty of the weblog is just wearing off or
what. I find that over the last few weeks I only log about half of the

I’ve been listening to Dimension X in order while I do my cardio work
at the gym. I’m up to episode 15 or so, an adaptation of Robert
Heinlein’s “The Roads must Roll.” I’ll have to look up the title, but
the most disturbing one yet was an adaptation of a Jack Vance story
about colonists on another world and their interactions with the
natives. The fact that they were called “gooks” by the humans and
spoke with accents that sounds about half Japanese (no pun intendend)
and half American Indian lent an even more troubling racial air to the
whole story. With the casual suppression of an entire race because
they were incovenient to the colonists, the story had a lot of
resonance. I don’t know if it was deliberate, because it seemed pretty
gleeful and unironic.

In my other OTR efforts, I’ve been working on downloading the entirety
of the BBC series Round the Horne. I used to air this
on my comedy show on WREK 15 years ago. We had 8 or 10 episodes on
vinyl that I would play. When it’s done, I’ll have the full series
including Christmas specials and several documentaries in MP3 format
on a single CD. Sweet! I once sent Neil Gaiman (weblog here) cassette dubs of all
the episodes we had at the station, and in return he sent me a copy of the script to
the “Midsummer Night’s Dream” issue of Sandman.

The other OTR thing I’m doing is learning to use Otter, an OTR cataloging
program. Supposedly, it will allow you to check your collection for
completeness, rename files and do all kinds of other cool stuff. I’m
intrigued by the notion. will be interesting to see if it is as useful
as it sounds.

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