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Here’s some of the links that I’ve been hoarding. Most were ones that
someone on Dueling Modems, or Usenet posted and I thought they
were interesting enough to save.

Here is a link to a story in the San Francisco Chronicle about White
House Officials putting pressure on the intelligence community
achieve the answers they want about Iraq.

Here is an
from The Guardian with UN weapons inspector Scott
Ritter about why we know that Iraq is not near to creating nuclear
weapons. He goes out of his way to point out that Iraq are not
honorable, or that they are not desirous of weapons of mass
destruction, just that we know that they couldn’t have rebuilt in the
4 years since inspectors left without leaving tracks the intelligence
community could trace.

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I’ve been building up links that I wanted to put in this blog on my
Mac, but didn’t have a simple way to get them elsewhere. The easiest
way would have been to mail it to myself so I could read them on other
boxes. However, that has been problematic.

Here’s my mail system. I used to use Eudora on my Mac to check all my
various accounts. Now, I use fetchmail on my linux box to check all
accounts, collect them in one place, run them against SpamAssassin,
and then use QPopper to run my own POP server inside my network. This
way I just changed the POP server in my Eudora, and everything else
was transparent. I’ve been running this way since April, with my own
SMTP and POP servers.

A side-effect of this is that it became tricky to mail myself. If I send things through
the SMTP server, it will bounce because I am not
authenticated yet I am both the sender and receiver. If I tried to
send it directly to my Linux box via the DynDNS address, it would fail
flatly for some networking reason relating to my Netgear box. If I
tried to do the same thing but using the internal IP address as the
hostname, it also wouldn’t work and I’m not sure why. Today it
occurred to me that I should try just not qualifying the address at
all, and only using my Linux account name. Damn it all, it worked! I
wish I had figured this out six months ago. Now I am able to easily
collect links on my Mac while reading news, mail them to myself and
blog them. Because of this, I’ll have a few more links in here than I
have lately.