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Still in Shreveport, driving back today. I didn’t get anything too
wonderful, although we did eat at the Mr. Gatti’s pizza buffet. I also
had a peanut buster parfait at Dairy Queen. That was all fun, but now
that I’m on the road it’s back to MetRX bars. I started to read
Fire Upon the Deep, depending on how much I drive I
might read more of it today.

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Misc entries typed on the laptop:

I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to post this, but I’m composing it
in the back seat of a car driving through Birmingham, AL. our final
destination is Shreveport. We’ll be spending the night in Meridian,
MS. I turned over pretty much the last thing I’m doing for WREK, a
set of web pages that will retire the tracks in the automation
system. I had to write the VBScript that controls the AudioVault
process via COM, which was tricky. I’m not that acquainted with the
ins and outs of VBScript, and I had almost no documentation on the AV
interface. It’s cool, though. You mark what songs you want to delete,
press a button, and AudioVault goes nuts. Really, the whole thing is
just a fancy button pusher, but it does in 60 seconds what it takes a
person 30 minutes to do.

I haven’t bought anything from eBay
in several years, but today I bid on a pair of Visor Prism travel
chargers, one for AC and one for the auto. If I was thinking, I’d had
done this two weeks ago so I’d have them in time for my Orycon
trip. Carrying the full charger is a pain in the butt because it is so
bulky, but it is the only way I have to charge the Prism. Since it is
my eBook reading platform, I have to bring the cradle or else not read
them. These things are selling for less than $10 apiece, about 1/4 of
what they retail for, so why not? This is the good part about using
products that have been sunsetted – when all the peripherals get cheap
as everyone dumps them. I missed it when Staple put all Springboard
modules on sale, but it will come for other retailers and this time
I’ll be watching. GPS for $20? Sure, I’ll take it.

Writing this one from a hotel room in Meridian MS. It seems like the
lower-to-mid-level hotels have this sick game going on called “See
what is the most miserable spread we can field and still call it a
‘Continental Breakfast'”. This one is not the worst one, but I’ve seen
some lousy ones lately. 4 pieces of bread, a jelly pack, a boiled egg
and a few mini-donuts. Have at it, our respected guests! Now when I
check in, I inwardly laugh at the mention of the continental
breakfast. At least this morning, I got a few mini-danishes.

It didn’t occur to me until last night, but I’m going to be in
Louisiana on my free day. I can eat anything today! I wonder if gas
stations in north Louisiana all sell boudin the way the ones in the
south do? That was some of my favorite stuff when I lived in
Lafayette. Every store with a gas pump has a little fryer and is
selling fried chicken and boudin balls. I also liked the boudin
links. One Sunday morning I answered phone calls for the KRVS annual pledge drive, and T. Coon’s
restaurant had donated some food. I ate two boudin links, full of
tasty meat and dirty rice, and before I had finished I could feel
chest pains starting. I thought I would have a heart attack on the
spot. Mmmmmm! Dangerous but delicious. I can only hope for the same
this jaunt. I’m not holding my breath for much Cajun culture around
Shreveport, though. Too far north. The Cajuns used to joke about how
everyone that lives north of I-10 is a Yankee.