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Since I can, here are the entries I typed in over the last 12 hours of
my journey here.

I’m in Denver airport. I am hooked into their wifi network, but I
can’t get out to the public internet unless I’m willing to pay $9.99
for 24 hours or more for more access. I’m not. The cool thing is for
free you can access flight information and stuff like that. I’m
sitting at the gate right behind Willie Loman, who is working some
sort of deal on the cell phone. He’s called 6 people saying exactly
the same thing about this contract and wording that they absolutely
won’t change. Each call he makes sure to tell people that he’s about
to get on a plane. Is this crap tied into his self worth?
DUnno. Although I grew up around salesmen and salesman types, yet what
makes them tick remains a mystery to me.

Like the dolt I am, I forgot to bring the leftover Reality Break 1/2
page flyers from Dragon*Con. Aargh! The only way realistically I can
have any made without a huge pain in the ass would be to make one up
before I head to downtown PDX, print it out at Kinko’s and then run a
few off. A hundred or two should be plenty. I had offered to pony
flyers for Fictionwise as I have for the last two Dragon*cons. Since they don’t want
to do this, I had this odd brainstorm about drawing up my own flyers
and/or including a general link on mine to “Shop at Fictionwise.” The
URL I’d present would be for something on EvilGenius, which would be a
PHP script that just redirected to Fictionwise except with my
affiliate ID in it. Is this cheezy! I don’t know. It seems reasonable
enough, especially as an experiment. In essense, I’m printing up the
flyers on spec, hoping I can drum up more business for them such that
my affiliate take exceeds my printing costs. It feels weird, but I
might do it anyway. This way I can actually do my own tracking – I’ll
know exactly how many hits came in from my server logs.

Now I’m on the plane. I’m on a plane, yes I’m on a plane. I’m
listening to the PsychOut and Personality Crisis episodes from October
still, continuing where I was in order since the last trip to PDX two
weeks ago. This I will admit I enjoy just for the pure geekery of it
all. I’m getting to work on the flyers. I think I have the full
Acrobat installed on the Win98 partition, but I don’t really feel like
rebooting this beast. I’ll suffer with Word (which sucks). God help
me, I wish I had access to the soft copy of these damn flyers.

I have a flyer that I don’t hate, but I sure as hell don’t like it
much. It’s kind of bland and I’m worried that it isn’t going to print
very well. I’m not too proud to cut the damn thing up and tape it down
before I make the copies. I can get into a little old school
cut-and-paste, with real scissors and paste. I may be one of the youngest
people who has actually done extensive editing via slicing 1/4″ tape
and splicing it back together. Much younger than me and if you do
audio editing, you do it digitally. But, I digress. I may noodle with
the flyer a little more. I’ve saved off a copy of something that I’m
willing to distribute but am entire unenthusiastic about.

I have solved the Fictionwise dilemma. I have a little space at the
bottom, so I put in a link to
which will do the affiliate redirection. This way the flyers do double duty. I’ve also decided
that yes, this is cheezy and yes, I am willing to be cheezy. It’s one
of my stronger traits, I think.

I’m a few hundred (ebook) pages into the annotated Fire Upon the
Deep. I’m liking this book a lot, although I believe I’m going to read
all the way through before examining any of the annotations. After
finishing it, exploring those will be a whole other level of

Here’s a problem begging for a solution. I have 4 different
rechargeable devices on my person at this moment; laptop, iRiver
SlimX, a Handspring Visor Prism and a Nokia 3390 cell phone. I have 4
different chargers with me. I’m not 100% sure if I could currently buy
a single universal charger at an electronics store that would do all
those, but wouldn’t it be nice if you had one device that was both a
charger for all these via AC and also had it’s own storage as kind of
an uber-battery. I think they may have these for laptops, but if it
was flexible enough to allow you to plug into any arbitrary device,
dial in the voltage and wattage, and go DC to DC to all these
devices. I’d pay money for that, and even if it was a little bulky, it
wouldn’t be as bulky as 4 different chargers, all of which have big
ass plugs associated with them.

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Holy shit! I stopped into a Kinko’s near where the sushi joint is to
print out the cheezy flyer. Not only did the Kinko’s print driver
stuff install flawlessly, not only did my flyer print first try
without issues, but it looks good! Added bonus, since you have to
attach to the network to print TCP/IP, I have access to ssh into my
own box. Dave says “hell yeah!” Actually, I never got the TCP/IP
access to the printer working, so I gave up and plugged in the serial
cord and as soon as I did, “blip” came my flyer out of the printer,
almost instantaneously.

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Today is free day, so I breakfasted on pumpkin cheesecake, with a
Snickers for mid morning break. Perhaps in Denver later I’ll have a
Big Mac. I don’t think Bill Phillips requires that every free day be a
full style Roman bachanalia, but it sure doesn’t forbid it, so what
the hell?

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So I came in to work at 6 AM since my flight leaves earlier than I
thought. For once, my spasticity about travelling pays off, as I
double check reservations, call the hotel, check the flights, etc. The
earlier confirmation had me leaving at 1:40 PM, but now I’m leaving at
12:05 PM. What a joy it would have been to walk into the airport only
to find my plane was leaving or left. As it is, I’ll have a coworker
drop me at the train station nearby around 9:30 which should get me to the
airport around 10:15 or so.

Orycon will have wifi access in its computer room, so I’ll get some
love. I doubt that I’ll be able to stay connected from anywhere in the
hotel, with my under-antennaed Linksys card, but I should at least be
able to get in from the hospitality suite and computer room area. My
fiendish plan is to try to get a room near the computer room when I
check-in – we’ll see how that goes.