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So far, one hour into our stay,
The Orchard Hotel
is getting Dave’s A+ rating. Nice hotel, nice
amenities, good room. It’s halfway up Nob Hill from Union Square, so
an easy walk to the Moscone and fun stuff. The room has a Ethernet
jack in the wall, and I plugged in my power cord, stuck in a network
cable, woke my laptop from standby and voila – I’m logged into my
linux box at home, checking e-mail and weblogging! They also have
DVD/CD players in the rooms, and DVD rentals are free! It would be
stupid to fly to San Francisco and spend all my time in the hotel
watching movies, but it could be done.

One of the places I’ll be killing a little time is a good looking
shop between here and the Moscone Center, Jefferys Toys and
. The ad and website make it seem fun, so why not? It’s by
far the closest comic shop, as most of them seem to be outside of the
downtown area.

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We are in the hotel, which has free internet in the rooms! I plugged
it up and away I went. Here are the entries from the plane:

This is my 5th flight in 5 weeks (counting a round trip as 2), an all
time record for flight density for me. My security checkpoint
experiment is completd. I had no optional metal of any kind on me,
having put my keys, watch, change, Handspring, cellphone and wallet in
my laptop bag. I still set off the metal detector and had to get the
extra special screening. Exactly two things set off the wand: my
wedding ring and the button on my jeans. I contend that this is
ridiculously senstive. When ones clothes set the thing off its gone
too far.

Still on the plane, but the batteries on the laptop are waning. I
stupidly missed something when setting up to play with the SDL
libraries. I downloaded some gcc stuff, the Ming port, but I don’t
have the Cygwin development tools on this laptop. Shite. I’ll have to
download those once I get to SF, either from the hotel or from the
Moscone or other wifi hotspot.

It looks like we at least have one other grad student willing to do
one of our activities, attending the stage play version of
Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I loved the movie and the
music, so I’m interested in seeing the play.

I’m continuing the practice of listening to saved WREK programs on
the plane. I just heard the Johnny Cash version of Nine Inch Nail’s
“Hurt”, which was quite good.

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Leaving shortly for the airport. I have de-metalled myself as much as
possible. If I go through the glass booth this time it is because my
wedding ring and jeans rivets set it off. What can I do? I’ll try
to paste in some entries from the plane like I have been. The hotels
supposedly has “complimentary DSL access.” The word access bothers me
– is the access free but the service for pay? Even if it is for pay,
the Moscone will have wifi access and I believe Union Square has
plenty of hotspots, so we shall see.