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Another comfort today has been the music of the Indigo Girls. Good
lord I like them. I believe that “Touch Me Fall” is my single favorite
of their songs, in part because it is different from most of their
music – harder, weirder, more electric. It has three distinct parts,
each one faster, and the third part I swear could easily be an Allman
Bros or Lynyrd Skynyrd or Dickey Betts Band song. Something about the
lyrics always puts a catch in my throat. It’s dreamlike, sad and it
just makes me feel wistful and melancholy.

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Great bleeding jesus on a hickory stick I am in a shitty mood! This is
a broad based bad mood, with plenty of support from job, family,
acquaintances, computers and most anything I touch. The only thing
that is providing comfort is listening to the depressing sad songs of
Ms. Aimee Mann. Now more than ever I’m glad I went to see her a few
weeks ago. I realized something a few minutes ago about why her voice
seems so haunting – it is! I walked into the convenience store in my
building after listening to Aimee for an hour, and Karen Carpenter was
on the radio. It is eery how similar their voices are.

A catalog of things that have screwed up or worse – that I have
screwed up in the last 48 hours:

– I broke a machine at WREK in my quest to get Oracle installed on
it, one that handled the whole e-mail system, and all internal web

– Syncing it this morning to get my fresh Plucker stuff, my
Handspring did a hard reset, requiring a full reinstall (automatic but
took time) of all my stuff onto it.

– My Linux box at home hung for no apparent reason, requiring a
hard power down reboot

– My autologin from that box to my webhost via the SSH key exchange
stopped working at the same time, whether caused by the crash or
not. I can’t get it working again.

None of these things is huge in and of itself, but the conflation of
all of it is just wearing me out.

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I forgot to ever weblog this thing that WREK is doing next
week. They are going to air in its entirety the 50 (?!?!) CD
collection of releases by the Japanese artist Merzbow entitled
Merzbox. It’ will take somewhere just shy of 3 days
to do this. I think this is cool as hell. For more information, here
is a link to the press
Don’t forget, fans of the avantgarde, you can hear this
via streaming MP3.

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I have to say that my expectations were met, almost exactly. The movie
was neither any better nor any worse than I expected and was a
pleasant enough 2 hours. I could at moments feel the gears catching on
the plot machine as it lurched along. I saw some bad reviews of it
that panned Ralph Fiennes performance, which was more or less exactly
what it should have been.