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My rock and roll driven upswing in mood seems to be holding so
far. I’ve been listening to the albums I bought yesterday. If I can
sneak some scanner time (I don’t have one and am not even sure if we
have one here) I might scan in my autographed flyer thing.

I’ve been wanting to write up my feelings on the Trent Lott furor and
how I interpret it as a white man in the South. This will take some
time, which is why I haven’t done it yet. I hope to do that today.

Tonight at 7 PM EST the WREK Merzbow marathon begins. Weirdness rules supreme!

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The Borders thing was GREAT! This made up for my lousy mood of
yesterday. They played 9 songs, 3 Indigo Girls tunes and then 2 each
from each of the other people. It was a strict rotation, on IG song,
one from Paul, etc. I really really dug Tift Merrit, who was somewhere
between folky and flat out country. She had kind of that Emmylou Harris
vibe and I really liked it. My wife couldn’t go, unfortunately, as I
ran into a guy she and Paul went to high school with. Oh well. Because
she wasn’t there, I bought the Indigo Girls’ new album Become
, as well as Amy Ray’s Stag and got
autgraphs from everyone on this souvenir thing they were handing out
plus the girls signing the new disc. I also got Paul to sign our copy
of Camera Obscura, and he drew a little cartoon in

I also thanked Amy and Emily on behalf of WREK for being a good
friend to the station, even if that wasn’t reciprocated as much as it
should be. They were both smiley and said how much they like it. I
wish now I had brought the new bumper stickers with me. Damn. Somewhere
in the last 10 years, which is how long it’s been since I saw Amy up
close, she has become a real fox. She is aging extremely well, being
one of those ladies whose features soften over time into true
beauty. Paul made a joke about her cool boots, and they sang her song
“Johnny Rottentail”, a song which I now realize is about Johnny
Rotten. All in all, a good reason to get out of the house on a Tuesday.