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As I caught up a little on my various newsgroup readings I find I’ve
skipped hundreds of messages about the minutae of The Two
. I’m just a grinch on this subject. I really couldn’t
care less. I actually care less about seeing it now than I did a month
ago. There is nothing much of appeal to me in
discussions of how LOTR:TT differs from the book, and all that crap. I
read the books once 20 years ago and have never had the inclination to
reread them. I remember no fine detail and had forgotten many of the
characters even existed.

The movie I’m really excited about is Confessions of a
Dangerous Mind
. I’ve been addicted to the Game Show Network
since we got the channel, I was a big fan of the Gong Show as an
impressionable 8 year old (probably the best age to appreciate it) and
I really like Sam Rockwell in everything I’ve seen. I hope this makes
him a star.

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It’s the new year, time for an artificial construct to impose lots of
stuff on our lives. I flat out reject the “New Years resolution” stuff
that seems to so excite local news organizations. Rather than making
resolutions, I have ongoing efforts to improve myself, my life, my
surroundings, etc. By making it a resolution, you doom it to a failure
that will be laughed about shortly. Screw that, if I’m going to do it
then let’s do it! Things that I’ll be working on:

– getting my e-mail box under control (2080 messages in my inbox
today). Once it is cleaned out, the inbox will no longer be general
purpose repository. Every day, all mail will be filed, replied to or
deleted without exception.

– getting my possessions organized. My wife hates my office, and I
kind of do, too. I’m tired of not ever being able to find
anything. Much of this stuff must go away and what remains must be
filed, organized, and generally made to take up much less space. My
books, CDs and comic books are big parts of this.

Those are the two biggies. I’d really like to work on learning
Spanish, reading all of Ted Sturgeon’s short fiction, and other things
like that but the above two are the highest priorities.

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We’re home, after a brutal day of driving. It was good seeing folks,
but damn are we glad to be back home, sleeping in our own bed with
nowhere to drive tomorrow. Whew. One day of recovery, and then back to work.