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Here’s one from my friend Kevin, with whom I grew up on the plains of
Kansas. We were two of the biggest dorks in this little town, loving
comic books and science fiction and computers. He sent this article
from Wired:

Press ‘Scan’ to Play Old Albums?

With a few hours to kill one evening, a 22-year-old Israeli student
writes a program that “reads” sounds from scanned images of vinyl
records. The resulting audio is interesting, but not quite true to the

No Title

New month, and it is a gray and unpleasant one so far. For the last
day, every time it gets nice enough to not wear a coat (not so unusual
for Atlanta in February) the next day would be rainy and cold.

One webzine “publication” that I follow is Sci Fi Dimensions. It’s
pretty good and the guy who runs it is here in town. I met him at the
first Atlanta Comic Con in
2001. I was expecting so little from this brand new con back then, and
it turned out to be great. Of course, after a few hours I called out
for a bullshit emergency at my then job for InterTrust and I never got to go
back. It pissed me off badly that I never got to enjoy this great con,
that the emergency wasn’t even a problem (short version – a system
speced to deliver 2 transactions/second with peaks of 10/second was
failing under a sustained load of 50/sec; file that under “no shit,
Sherlock”) and within a month I was laid off anyway. I meant to go
back last year but they seemed to both fall of the stick on publicity
and I fell off on figuring out when it was. One Sunday morning I found myself
asking “When is that thing this year?” only to find out it was
that weekend. April 11-13, must remember, must
remember! This year I’ll even reassemble my comic want list so I have
some idea what I want to buy in a giant room full of things to buy.

Anyway, where was I? Chris Snider, I remember. I see him at
Dragon*Cons now and he’s always pleasant to talk to. Check out his
zine, it is fun. The March issue is out now.