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Now I’m sitting in my wife’s lab at Georgia Tech. Once again, I am
disappointed by the lack of ubiquitous wifi on campus. I could have
sworn that was supposed to be coming soon, possibly already. Ain’t so,
though – I stole a network cable from a lab computer to hook up my laptop. This building is right next door to Russ Chandler stadium and
there was a game going on when we first got here. You can walk 12
steps to the window at the end of the hall and see most of the field
from here (not the plate, though.) Kind of cool. For the gazillionth
time I find myself wondering why I wasn’t a computer major when I went
here. It just took me a while to find myself, but here in the late
80’s would have been a good time to get in the game. Que sera, wasn’t
the first nor will it be the last boat I miss.

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I hope this one is not as dire as it sounds, but given what we see
every day out of our current government, I fear it is. According to
BBC reporter Kate Adie, the Pentagon
is willing to shoot journalists in Iraq

The Pentagon has threatened to fire on the satellite uplink positions
of independent journalists in Iraq, according to veteran BBC war
correspondent, Kate Adie. In an interview with Irish radio, Ms. Adie
said that questioned about the consequences of such potentially fatal
actions, a senior Pentagon officer had said: “Who cares.. ..They’ve
been warned.”

According to Ms. Adie, who twelve years ago covered the last Gulf War,
the Pentagon attitude is: “entirely hostile to the the free spread of

“I am enormously pessimistic of the chance of decent on-the-spot
reporting, as the war occurs,” she told Irish national broadcaster,
Tom McGurk on the RTE1 Radio “Sunday Show.”

Ms. Adie made the startling revelations during a discussion of media
freedom issues in the likely upcoming war in Iraq. She also warned
that the Pentagon is vetting journalists according to their stance on
the war, and intends to take control of US journalists’ satellite
equipment –in order to control access to the airwaves.

So – America and the world – do you feel safer? I sure do, but then
I’m not a journalist. If the journalists of our allies are considered
fair targets, what exactly is not a fair target? This certainly is a
media-savvy slide to totalitarianism we are engaged in.

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We’re strongly thinking about attending one of the Candlelight Vigils for Peace
tomorrow night. As I’ve said, I’m less about “peace” per se than “not
this stupid fucking psuedo-war.” You don’t invade other countries
because you don’t like their paperwork or because they are doing what
they are asked but not fast enough for your tastes. I really think we
have better uses for this $100-$200 billion, and I don’t want to see
the bodies (American, Allied or Iraqi) piling up for this useless
pursuit. Citizens, which is more relevant to you: 1) not having a
job/ fear of losing your job/ not being able to make ends meet or have
the value one needs in their retirement portfolio or 2) the speed at which Iraq is
complying with inspector demands? Yeah, me too. The candlelight vigils
seem to be picking up speed. A few days ago, there were two listed
within ten miles of the house, one with 100 participants and one with
11. Last night there were a dozen ranging from 260 to a few people. I
think we’ll look for one close to home and go.

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Maybe today is the day some politician gets stabbed in the back by a
close ally. It’s happened before. “E tu, Vladamir?”

Technology TopicI think I’m officially done modifying Blogmax. If there was one
more thing
I’d like to change, it would be to give each entry a title and then
have the RSS title come from that. I’m not up to that much Lisp
anytime soon, so it will stay like this for a while. As it stands,
entries with no links (like this one) will show up as “No Link” in the
title, which means Zoe will not aggregate it. No link means “we don’t
want to see it” in the Zoe world, I guess. Are all aggregators like
that? Regardless, it’s enough like I want it now that I can stop
looking for alternatives. I didn’t really want to change, because I
like this method of operation. On the road, at work, at Georgia Tech,
I’m always blogging from the same place, just SSH’d in. I also have
all my reposting to newsgroups mechanisms in place with this system
and I’d prefer to leave all that as it stands.

Now I need to get a show and go give blood.