Oh that Magic Feeling, Nowhere to Go

The Beatles summed up my current feelings best in “You Never Give Me Your Money”:

Out of college money spent
See no future pay no rent
All the money’s gone, nowhere to go

Any jobber got the sack
Monday morning, turning back
Yellow lorry slow, nowhere to go

But oh that magic feeling
Nowhere to go
Oh that magic feeling
Nowhere to go, nowhere to go

One sweet dream
Pick up the bags and get in the limousine
Soon we’ll be away from here
Step on the gas and wipe that tear away

One sweet dream came true today

I quit my job an hour ago. More details later.

Home again

This weekend involved a power drive to and from Goldsboro NC. I’m back home, tired but exhausted. Tomorrow is a big day, more on that front later. I didn’t finish Peopleware, but I might tomorrow.


My team lead Darin has been recommending that I read Peopleware by DeMarco and Lister for at least a year now. I started it tonight and now I know why. Even though the edition I have was written in 1987, about 90% of it reads like it was written by someone in my office. The descriptions of management, of the setting of unrealistic deadlines in order to “make the employees work harder”, and many other bad management practices all hit close to home. It’s a slim book so I should be able to finish it this weekend.


Here is a geeky tool that I must try, the Mozilla based aggregator NewsMonster. I haven’t used NetNewsWire in weeks now (it has probably expired anyway), and only been using nntp/rss with NewsWatcher. I suspect that for the indefinite future, there will always be some new cool thing to try.

Mary Mac’s

For the first time since we’ve been back in Atlanta, I ate dinner at Mary Mac’s Tea Room on Ponce De Leon. Good southern cooking, but something seemed odd when we walked in, as there were Secret Service agents stationed right by the cash register and some more by the back door. As it turns out, Jimmy Carter was eating dinner there as well with a bunch of folks at some function from the Carter Center. I never did see him as he was in a different room around the corner, but he was there. He was actually my guess, as it just seemed to make sense for him to be there. The Carter Center isn’t but a mile away or so.

It Matters

Via Mark Bourne’s newsgroup comes this link to an article by Sister Joan Chichester that asks the question Is There Anything Left That Matters?. She makes many eloquent points:

And if not, why not? If not, surely there is something as wrong with us as citizens, as thinkers, as Christians as there must be with some facet of the government. If wars that the public says are wrong yesterday – as over 70% of U.S. citizens did before the attack on Iraq – suddenly become “right” the minute the first bombs drop, what kind of national morality is that?

Of what are we really capable as a nation if the considered judgment of politicians and people around the world means nothing to us as a people?

What is the depth of the American soul if we can allow destruction to be done in our name and the name of “liberation” and never even demand an accounting of its costs, both personal and public, when it is over?

RackShack Deal Done

Super busy, very little blogging. I did pull the trigger on the RackShack deal, and now I have my own rented whole server box. Shortly this weblog and all evilgeniuscorp.com stuff will move there, but no one should notice or I’ve done something wrong.

Pirate Game

Here’s a personal admission: I’ve always had a weakness for pirates. Something about them, bloodthirsty and violent as they are, just gets the excitement of a young man going. I see on today’s Steve Jackson Games Daily Illuminator that there will be a rendition of Evil Stevie’s Pirate Game at this year’s Origins con. If I ever had a chance to play this game, I’d be all over it. I have a copy of the Blackbeard Avalon Hill game that I’ve never played but want to.


I do believe that I’m going to set me up an account with RackShack. For roughly 10X what I am paying for my account with Hurricane Electric, I can rent a whole server box. I’ve already found several guys willing to sublet some space on this box from me. Some coworkers use a RackShack box to run their game server and they are very happy with it. When I do it, this weblog and everything in my current web directory will move over bodily.

B. D. Wong interview

I heard an interesting interview with B. D. Wong (an actor I’ve always liked) on WREK the last two weeks. It’s ona program newish to their line called This Way Out, which focuses on gay and lesbian issues. I had not realized till I heard this show that Wong is gay. Part one was two weeks ago and part two is what is currently in the WREK MP3 archive. You can listen to it at in their archive until June 27, 2003 around 1:05 PM EDT, at which time the archive gets overwritten with the next show. The program is pretty good and worth listening to.

Painting really sucks

Another weekend of nonstop home improvement. Nothing makes an unbearable day job seem merely lousy like spending your weekends painting every door in your house, caulking cracks in the ceiling and tidying ones office. Help!

Contingency design

Cory Doctrow presents notes from Jason “37 Signals” Fried’s talk at Reboot. Interesting stuff related to dealing with errors in web interfaces. Of course people will push the button twice sometimes, what do you do then? My wife once made an order for scientific supplices twice because of the way Netscape handles printing – it downloads the page fresh. Because the page had the side effect of inputting the order, printing the confirmation page made the order happen again. Systems should watch out for the identical order coming in twice within an interval and require extra confirmation. Error messages should make sense. The customer is your paycheck not a problem.

Via BoingBoing

MacCVS Client

I’ve just downloaded today and played around with MacCVSClient. It is a semi-graphical frontend to the venerable CVS client. From their promotional docs on the webpage:

A free multithreaded CVS client with Mac OS look and feel. It shows your sandbox in an intuitive hierarchical list view so that you are aware of every file’s status anytime. File logs are shown in hierarchical log views with quick access to file content diffs. Enhanced file annotations show related commit log messages. File differences and change conflicts are shown in special colour coded views. The add/import preview helps to avoid file corruption when adding new items to a repository.

I downloaded one of the repositories I work with, and all seems well. This might be a keeper.

Doggie Portraits

Whilst buying coffee at the San Francisco Coffee on N. Highland, we saw these cute doggie portraits hanging on the walls. I might get this for my wife for a birthday/graduation gift, a portrait of our dog done by Michelle Abeyta. She lives in Decatur, and I’m not sure if you bring the dog to her or if she just works off of a photo. She has that kind of folk art feel to her work, which will go well with the paintings we already have from Will Luck. We have this one hanging in our dining room.

Max Cleland Steps Up

Some harsh words of criticism for the Bush regime from former Senator Max Cleland. I wish he was talking like this last fall when I was phone banking for him. I firmly believe he’d still be in office if he had. An excerpt:

What then is the Bush record in fighting the so-called war on terrorism? They have not found bin Laden. They have not found Saddam Hussein and as of yet there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. However, we have found two trailers. Is that why we fought the war? For two trailers? Did we send our sons and daughters to spill their blood in the desert over two trailers? We are spending over $100 billion bombing and then rebuilding Iraq while giving a tax cut to America’s wealthiest citizens and denying hard-working Americans making $26,000 a year or less a child tax credit in order to pay for it.

That’s the Bush record. It is not compassionate, and with this year’s budget deficit running over $400 billion — a record set by no other President, Republican or Democrat, it is certainly not conservative.

and another good bit:

Eliminate the silly and stupid color-coding in the country. Its real effect is to frighten everybody in the nation without telling them why they should be scared and putting an extra burden on already strained local law enforcement. This is exactly the kind of fear terrorists want to spread. We are doing their job for them! Does a sheepherder in Montana really care about whether the color-code threat level in this country is either orange or yellow? Additionally, get rid of the crazy emphasis on duct tape and plastic. That is about as effective in case of a terrorist attack as the “duck and cover” drills we used to perform in grammar school when I was a young boy. We were supposed to hide under our desk to protect ourselves from a thermonuclear war.

It’s rough being conquerors

Charlie Stross has interesting comments about the US situation abroad. He talks about the growing anti-US resistance movements in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I wonder if the US administration realises just how familiar this behaviour all looks to anyone with a nodding acquaintance with the history of anti-Nazi resistance movements in occupied Europe sixty years ago. (But I forgot: they can’t lose because they’re the good guys. And they know they’re the good guys because the President told them so.)