One of the great things that happened when I converted this weblog over to blosxom is that I could have comments and trackbacks. The previous blogging tool just wrote out a static set of pages every time I added a post, so there was nothing dynamic possible. The comments over the last month or two have been really gratifiying, a nice mix of my regular friends and family who often comment, real-life friends of mine that I didn’t even know read this blog, and interesting strangers who have cool things to say. The guy who is also in Evanston seems cool, and I wish I had made his acquaintance a year ago. We could have dusted off our old Illuminati: New World Order cards and played. Unfortunately most of my time between now and moving is committed in one way or another.

I just wanted to thank you all for the feedback. I like this much better as a conversation than a discourse, and my desire is that each of my posts is more like an icebreaker that leads to a discussion rather than me mouthing off in outbound one-way communication. I’ve been reading a lot of the Cluetrain “smarter conversations” kind of stuff, on Gaping Void and other places. Although what I want out of this blog has changed over time, my current desire is for smart conversations. I like the feedback, I even like it when people disagree with me. As long as we are all polite and not ad hominem, difference of opinions is always welcome here.