Posted on September 18, 2004
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I’ve been noticing something downloading audioblog posts with the user agent of “podcaster”. There is an URL in there that points to podcaster.net but there isn’t anything yet. I wonder what this is? I do like this as a term for what it is when you are creating things to distribute via the iPod platform (asynchronous bundles of passion, you know) – “Podcasting!” Right on.


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  1. When Experts Get The Basics Wrong at MWGblog on March 23rd, 2006 11:27 pm

    […] Colin Dixon, Senior Analyst, IP Media and Michael Greeson, Founder & CEO of The Diffusion Group have posted an essay entitled “Recasting the Concept of Podcasting: Part I.” The essay points out what many of us suspected, the vast majority of people consume podcasts on their computer (or not at all) as opposed to on a portable device. The authors cite a study by Bridge Data indicating 80% of podcasts never make it to a portable device. The essay focuses on the existing definition used by the New Oxford American Dictionary which includes “downloading to a personal audio player” and then goes on to suggest creating a new “understanding” of podcasting starting from scratch. As someone who was around when the term first was used (Dave Slusher’s September 18th, 2004 post regarding Dannie Gregoire’s “podcaster” user agent hitting his URL – now there is some podcasting history for you) I never presupposed it required a portable device; just that podcast files could make that migration. This was an added benefit hopefully leading to increased consumption. The authors correctly point this out in their article and make a distinction of what “podcasting” means now that Apple’s marketing team is involved. […]