Shuffle Up and Deal

I’m on the way to bed after a long day of travel and a long week of working in the home office. I just want to mention that I am now the proud owner of an iPod Shuffle, and it does in fact work splendidly well for listening to podcasts. I’ll give more details later but my thought experiment of a week or two ago turned out very close to how it worked in practice. Yo ho ho! Doc and Adam, y’all was real real wrong on this.

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  1. Could it be? Maybe it can be right for some people and their podcatching and wrong for others?

    Here’s why I think it would be wrong for me. I have an MP3 player that I love; a RaveMP AMP256. It’s an upgrade from an RCA Lyra. I love the little bugger, but the thing about it that makes me crazy is that I can’t tell how long the podcast I’m going to listen to is. I have a 30 minute commute, or I’m going for a 45 minute walk and I want to listen to something that as close to the right length as I can get, because when that time’s up, my podcatching time is up and I have to stop even if the podcast isn’t done. Listening to random podcasts would drive me up the wall.

    However, to each his/her/its own – which is why I haven’t bothered writing about it yet.

    Anyway, glad you’re enjoying it!

  2. Congratulations Dave – good move!

    I’m a cyclist (the urban guerilla rather than the Madge Weinstein variety) and though I love my 40GB iPod I can just see myself getting on very well with the iPod Shuffle as I won’t have to worry about the hard disk freaking out under the strain. Also it will be lighter and less cumbersome than its big brother.

    Another big advantage. Currently I have my iPod synched to my Mac at home which means I can’t read or write to the “storage space” using my PC at work. When I get the iPod Shuffle I’ll format it for PC and I’ll be able to transport documents to and from work as well as any podcasts I might be wanting to listen to on the bike.

    Looking forward to a comprehensive review from your good self!

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