5 Replies to “New Voices”

  1. I liked this one the best of all of them thus far. Very interesting and Herr Leonhard and Mr. Kuseck seem quite passionate about their work. Very engaging and thought-provoking, I give it two of what-thumbs-I-have-left up.

    Brendan- I think that what you took for Dave’s disinterest in the last interview was actually his distraction. He was going through the many machinations it takes to do a computer/phone interview plus also trying to think deeply about the subject matter at hand (which fascinates him), which is going to bog down even the fastest of processors.

    That being said, don’t worry too much about Dave’s response to your critique, he’s really sensitive sometimes.

  2. Georgia, thanks for the kind words. I LOVED your Good Friday show!

    James and Brendan, my whole thing on the Buckman wasn’t sensitivity or pushback, it was just befuddlement. Hearing that I sounded uninterested on an interview that I was highly into confused me, and that’s what I was saying. Your input and feedback is welcome, even if it confuses me.

  3. I’m pretty sure I worded my initial thoughts on the “Buckman interview badly.. I’ve listened to it a couple more times now just to satisfy myself, and on close inspection, it sounds like you simply were doing a great deal at once, which is of course going to divert focus away from the interview. I’m not 100% certain, but I think John steered the conversation away from your initial points made as well, which probably didn’t help. The latest interview IMHO rocks. Very well done, professional etc..

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