Keeping it Real

Lest anyone think I am hostile to “real” radio, I should point out how much I like having my podcasts and captured radio shows intermingled on my Shuffle. I just segued between a show from IT Conversations to KRVS’ Saturday morning show Zydeco Est Pas Sale. There is a wealth of good radio out there, it just isn’t coming from the conglomerates who are trying to shave pennies off the labor costs of their thousand stations.

4 Replies to “Keeping it Real”

  1. are you a man after my won heart, or what ?

    I’m not ready to consign all radio to the bit-bucket, I also transcode some streaming programs and plug them into my stream of mp3s. Tom Robinson on 6music is a favourite here ( – yes I know it’s the BBC, but what can I say – I like it.)

    I’m lucky enough to live within reach of two decent stations with decent programming, and I just can’t bring myself to occupy a streaming spigot when I can just turn on the radio.

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