5 Replies to “Geeking Out”

  1. I have heard of this show but it’s the first time I listened to it. You have a more mature attitude. Nobody wants to hear someone complain that they want to make money (just like the man). Hey I enjoy walking in the woods. I wish I could get paid for that.

    I callenge anyone who wants to stick it to the man to throw away your television set. Contrary to popular opinion. You don’t need tv to survive!

  2. Dave,

    What a blast to hear you two together on the same cast! My experience with Michael has been all good, very organic and totally enjoyable. I enjoy him for who he is and how honest he is. I hope that the continued cross-pollenization of podcasts continues as we have no networks to anger, no contracts to hold us back and no limit to how goofy we can be.

    In the south at last,


  3. Aron, Hope we can hook up together in Myrtle Beach. It was highly fun to do this show with Butler and I hope we can do it again.

    TE, there is a basic tension between people’s desire to get paid for podcasting and the fact that anyone can do it. If you aren’t doing it love, you’ve got a big problem.

  4. There is a lot of hype (don’t mean to sound negative) and expectations but when you think about it there will soon be millions of podcasts which will make it more difficult for any one podcaster to get noticed. In the future one might be the best podcaster in the world but with only 4 people downloading, nobody will know. It’s still worth doing in my opinion.

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