4 Replies to “Boomed V3”

  1. I loved Rocketboom for a time and wouldn’t go a day without it. About the same time they started doing commercials I thought their edge started dulling. I don’t know if the monetizing shifted their focus or what, but I just started losing interest.

    I tried to watch one the other day and I found the young lady hosting the show so annoying as to be unwatchable. I didn’t make it halfway through the show. I will give it another try in a few weeks, as you never know, she might get better with practice. Me and the overly-dramatic, breathless delivery don’t get along too well.

  2. I actually have only watched the very first 2 episodes with Joanne. I’m still back at the March episodes for Amanda in my vlog watching.

    There’s a set of podcasts that have just started “monetizing” seriously in the last few months — you probably know the ones I mean — and pretty much simultaneously, they got really dull and not something I wanted to spend time with. It’s not because of the monetizing — I’ll skip the spots if I don’t like them — but I think you might be on to something. When the focus shifts, the show is less interesting.

  3. I feel sorry for Amanda Congdon. She made Rocketboom. I read what she had to say and also heard the ridiculous comments that Andrew made on TWIT saying that he was going to be a billionaire mogul. I watched the new one once because I was curious. I will not watch it again.

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