Whipsaw Weather

A few days ago, it was in the low 20’s. Today it is in the 70’s. Welcome to life in the Grand Strand! The first winter we lived here was when I was still telecommuting from a base office in Chicago. We went the first several weeks of the new year before I needed to wear outerwear, while at the home office it was hovering around 0 Fahrenheit and
snowing most days. I’ll take it here, thank you. It’s not as universally warm and sunny as Florida or southern California, but it’s quite nice.

2 Replies to “Whipsaw Weather”

  1. Amen! I lived in Chicago for a couple years (Old Town area near North Ave. and Wells St.) where I literally walked 1 mile one way in the snow to work (not uphill, though). Then again, I lived in San Diego for a while as well- 60/70 sunny year round almost got boring! Almost.

  2. Paul, that’s right where I was staying when I went to the head office. The building was the Hemingway House, right across the street from the Lincoln Park zoo. Treasure Island, Bar Louie and Second City all within a block and a half.

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