3 Replies to “The First Podcast Advertiser”

  1. The first podcast advertiser may have been Michael Geohegan. Not sure of the date but he sponsored the rnr geek show in late 2004.

    It’s all splitting hairs though.

  2. He was one of the first sponsors on the Dawn and Drew show, via some windows mobile site – I was listenening to both them and you at the time and while I’m not 100% sure he might’ve actually been first. As butler said it’s really just splitting hairs at this point.

    I think this was back even before they went to podshow… you’d have to check with Drew to be sure. If anyone actually cares that much 🙂

  3. i remember it the way andrew stated it, heard his ms mobile sponsorship on dnd around the same time as ipodderx on yours – so he might be right…

    one things for sure – he was definitely the original freak show, troll advertiser 😉

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