Phantom Limbs

It’s been a hard winter and spring with the new baby. I wouldn’t change anything for the world but just having a newborn in the house takes a lot out of everyone. Over the course of the last week I’ve felt a well of energy refilling and now I’m bursting to do a number of things. Although I’m a lifelong pac krat, I’ve started cleaning junk out of my office and have found myself throwing away things I have kept for 20 or more years. The people at the Best Buy electronics recycling area are getting used to seeing me daily.

I have a number of projects that have been treading water and now I have a new wave of enthusiasm to tackle them. I’m more or less done with the transition of AmigoFish to its new owner (and it’s on a new server box that is way better than I had it on, go check it out!) Clearing that out of my backlog feels really good and now I just want to get cracking on all the myriad of things that have been in suspended animation. My creative side feels like your foot does when the blood rushes back in after it has been asleep. That tingling pain means that life is returning to it.

If things go well, I’ll be blogging more, writing more, organizing the things that need it, even getting back into drawing a little more. A lot of this stuff won’t be visible for a long time but I’m very excited to get into this new phase in my creative life. Wish me luck, or better yet wish me “ass in chair.”