My New Podcast – Pull Box Picks


Out of the blue, I started doing a new podcast for Derek Coward‘s Reader Feed called Pull Box Picks. I decided I wanted to do a review show of short episodes I could record in my car, and Derek has generously built such a platform for podcasters. It’s a meta-feed made up of various focussed sub-shows. As far as I can tell, mine is now the only one on there that isn’t focussed on specific characters or series. I might have broken the premise but oh well. I flat out love a few of the shows in that feed such as Ronin Rabbit about Usagi Yojimbo, Devil in Your Ears about Grendel, and the Love and Rockets show.

I’ll put the first episode here in my feed as well. On it I give my review of the new series from Boom Studios Elric: The Balance Lost. I’m torn whether to do it with all episodes or just this one. I’ll let the EGC subscribers tell me. The default is just this one, but if popular sentiment runs the other way I have no problem putting them all in.

I had so much fun doing the first episode. I recently received my newly purchased Zoom H2 Recorder. I spent the drive into work profiling how different settings sounded, and on the drive home I recorded this show. I did another one today that I’ll upload soon. I’ve been highly non-prolific with the EGC podcast for years now, and the baby doesn’t help anything. The fact that I haven’t gotten around to recording my seventh anniversary show is telling. Recording a five minute show about comic books, doing minimal editing and uploading it to Derek feels like podcasting heaven to me. Perhaps this is how I get my groove back.

Rejected Arguments in Ebook Pricing Debates

I discuss ebook pricing and publisher adoption/non-adoption of ebooks on this blogs. There are a few anti-patterns in the comments I get, so I’m posting this as documented and published ground rules for these debates. If you make one of these points, you’ve already lost.

Arguments Rejected Out of Hand

Argument 1: “Just check it out from the library”

Anytime I ever discuss an overpriced ebook, someone says this to me. 100% of the time, I have already checked my local library prior to blogging about it. If the book was anywhere in my county’s system, I would have already placed a hold on it instead of making the blog post. Sorry, you aren’t helpful but thanks for the implication that I’m too stupid to use a library.

Argument 2: “If the ebook is priced higher than the paper book, just buy the paper book”

I don’t want any more paper books in my house. Every single bookshelf in my house is full, and many have books stacked horizontally on top of the books on the shelf. My cases with paperbacks are stacked three deep so that finding a specific book can be a challenge in search management. At this point, it is a rare book I’m willing to allow into my house in paper. I want many fewer books in paper, not more. If this book scanner were on the market today, I’d be scanning books off my shelves and donating them to my local library as fast as I could move them through.

Both of these arguments bother me in that they are presumptions from people who don’t know me or my situation about how I should make decisions. Is it so much to ask for you to respect that I know what I want better than you do?

By Popular Demand

I received a request to add a Facebook like button to the posts. I decided that if I was adding in a plugin, I might as well add one that did multiple services. Now every post gets a Facebook like, Google +1, a StumbleUpon and Tweet button. It was interesting to me to peruse recent posts and see how many already had counts under some of these services.

In social media, I’ve stopped using Twitter. I’ve just had enough of it. Most of my daily energy goes now to Google Plus. If you want to follow me on there, here is my profile. I quite enjoy the service. Anything that half-assed worked and had critical mass would have been enough to get me to switch off of Twitter. I’ll keep using Facebook because it’s where my family and old friends are but for serious stuff, it’s all G+ for me now. Until something comes along to change that.