Book Scanner

I’ve been following the DIY Book Scanner project for years. I have many books and magazines I’d like to scan and get rid of. Here is a version much cheaper and simpler to build:

London EA

#ServiceNow has released London to early access which means you can now upgrade your personal developer instance!

Head on

I have now heard the song “Head On” performed live by both the Pixies and Jesus and Mary Chain. Good times!

Old Tech

Examining my old CVS camcorder to see if any videos are worth the non-trivial task of preserving. It is 23 minutes of a John Edwards campaign stop from the 2008 presidential primary.


There are a small set of people who remember the significance of this container. I am celebrating it with this photo and then tossing it in the trash. Many items are getting this treatment this weekend.


The music stuck in my head today is the theme that plays in the Lego Marvel game while you skydive from the helicarrier.

Show Mode

Show mode on my Kindle Fire is interesting, but the very first thing I had to do was turn off the headline stream. I have worked hard to insulate myself from real-time hot take info, I am not letting Amazon break that seal.