I Unlove Heathrow

Been in 10 airports around the world in last 15 days. Only Heathrow has contempt for you for the audacity to try to travel through their airport.

Security Agent: “If you don’t like how we operate you should find alternate arrangements.”
Me: “It’s a deal.”


I can explain why this Ibis Hotel is not a good fit for me in a single image. It’s like living in a late 90’s Mountain Dew commercial. Radical, dudes!


After I did the #ServiceNow development workshop for Auckland, @gerwynsamuel made the atypical move of presenting me with gifts! It was completely unexpected. I believe that wine will be preparation juice for #NowForum in London!

Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for October 4 2018 – Flooded with Work

In this episode, I play a new song from John Howie Jr.; I talk about the flooding in my area and watching a functioning municipality break down; I discuss how my day job has trained me to be panicky and how to fight that; the first time you see something work is the best part of computer programming; I end with an update on my DIY Bookscanner project.

Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, October 4 2018

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Andrew Barnes on Update Sets

http://bit.ly/2RmnhMv New developer advocate @AndrewJBarnes brings the heat with a blog post on the sometimes perplexing topic of managing update sets for release to production. Check out the #ServiceNow wisdom!