Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for December 31 2018 – Dead People’s Stuff

In this episode, I close out the holiday season with my favorite rock Xmas song of all time, the Flexapleasers’ “Greatest XMas Song Ever Written”; I discuss my upcoming house move and how I must deal with my stuff; I talk about giving up being the curator for dead people’s low value junk; there is one common factor with all my failed productivity systems; here’s hoping for a good 2019.

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LCHH for 2018-12-07

Today on Live Coding Happy Hour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJGLvPIPxGA Trying to put a commenting system on our blog that is statically generated via Hugo. Whether it works or not, it should be interesting! It’s how it goes here in the #ServiceNow developer program!