Ryan’s R.I.P. 

There goes any notion of reopening or getting repurposed. The Ryans building in Conway is a pile of rubble.  Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Punkin Fun

Drove 2 hours to surprise Punkin with Wild Kratts live. Our next door neighbors are 10 seats away.  Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Live at the Day Job

I am live on YouTube now: TechNow 34! https://community.servicenow.com/thread/243989 Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter


Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for Jan 12 2017 – Smile, Laugh, Walk Away

In this episode, I open with a song from the Siderunnners; I discuss the city of Chicago and my ongoing affection for the place; I discuss the movie adaptation of the Final Programme and why I enjoyed it despite it not being a great movie; the Mad at Dad Deathpool closes in a few days; […]

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Gifts Given 

Dear lady in 12B: I am working very hard to not fart on this flight. You’re welcome!  Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Odd Sensations 

Closed my eyes, nodded off, felt the plane start moving. Only problem – I am still at the gate.  Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter Twitter


These new urinals at the airport are weird. What’s with the blue light and hot air when I stick my dick in? Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for Jan 5 2017 – Resolving For Joy

In this show, I start with a song by Neutral Milk Hotel; I talk about judging art less by what it means or what I think about it and more by how I feel; without making resolutions I want to make changes in my life; science fiction today is better written and less joyful than […]

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Punkin on Singing

Punkin: “I hate your singing!” Me: “I sing like an angel.” Punkin: “…” Me: “OK, a fallen angel but still an angel.” Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for December 28 2016 – Unsatisfied

In this show, we start off with the Flexapleasers Xmas song; moving from the Fitbit to the Garmin Vivosmart HR+ has issues; 2016 was a weird year but is just the beginning; being a skeptic can make you a buzzkill; resolutions are a horrible way to create new habits; I still struggle with my weight […]

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Last Xmas 

George Michael. This was the last Christmas he gave you his heart.  Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Disney Alive 

These seats at Disney Alive at the Florence Civic Center are better than most concerts I’ve been to.  Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter

England Fun

I have flown into and out of both Heathrow and Gatwick this week. I understand 1776 COMPLETELY! Also on:Facebook Facebook Tumblr Twitter Twitter

Four Words

Four words: long travel day Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Long Travel Day

Up at 4:30 am Barcelona time. This is going to be a very long travel day. Airport 1 of 5 Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter Twitter

Experiencia Nueva 

My first siesta in Barcelona! Bring it on!  Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter Twitter

Long Day Already

This guy has been trying to get to his flight for 3.5 hours  Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter Twitter

I Am On A Train

At least I am on a train at this point. That is an improvement.  LondonTransitpocalypse2016 Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter Twitter

Fun Times

Transit workers strike is making it an adventure to get out of London. Plans, meet toilet.  Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter Twitter

Dev Meetup

For any #DevRelCon people, you are welcome at the #ServiceNow Dev Meetup tonight! http://bit.ly/2g9Nuir Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter

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