LCHH for 2018-06-08

Join me @andrewjbarnes and @ctomasi for #LiveCodingHappyHour today as we explore expanding our previous Markdown experiments into versioned and diffable Markdown. Taste the #ServiceNow! #LCHH

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Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for Jun 3, 2018 – Minor Authority and a Clipboard

In this episode, I play a traditional song of the season by Jonathan Coulton; I discuss the intersection of minor authority and lack of decision making power; I talk about attending Balticon 52, ad hoc family, and how physical space affects the feel of a con; I talk about how the long-standing and normal process of publishing is now completely abhorrent to me.

Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, June 3 2018

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Wake Words

After reading this Tom King/Mitch Gerads Mr. Miracle series I want to change the wake phrase for all my assistant devices to “Mother Box …”

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Vegas Friends

This was my third work trip to Las Vegas. At #knowledge18 I finally reached out to my grad school friend Vijaya. Great to see you! #BadFriend

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FCBD 2018

Before #Knowledge18 and #CreatorCon in Las Vegas, there is #FreeComicBookDay. This giant pile was $30 at Power Comics. Yay #fcbd!

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