Solitaire by Kelley Eskridge is Back in Print

I’m not shy about letting people know that Kelley Eskridge’s debut novel Solitaire is possibly my favorite book I’ve read in the last decade. It was shocking to me that it was her first novel because it was so firm handed that I’d have easily believed it was her dozenth. She had opportunities to soften […]

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Weightless Books Sitewide Sale

Indie ebook retailer Weightless Books ran a 25% off sale for the week between Xmas and New Years Day. However, they still have the sale banner up and I made a purchase yesterday and was still able to use the coupon code, which is “25off” . There is some good stuff in here, particularly for […]

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The Authors with No Web Presence

As I write blog posts for my side project Ebooks From TV, I boggle practically every day at a phenomenon that shocks me. As I try to gather web links for authors, I frequently run across fairly high profile authors with absolutely no web presence that they control themselves. These are authors you have heard […]

Writer Jeffrey A. Carver’s DRM Pledge

I saw something very intersting on the Mobile Read forums yesterday. Science fiction author Jeffrey A. Carver posted his DRM pledge. Basically it is his promise to not let customers of his books down, even when the DRM his books are wrapped in fail them. The key portion of the pledge: If you buy one […]

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An Ebook/POD Based Bookstore

I’ll admit that the very first thing I thought when I read this post from Pablo Defendini was “Damn, how can I come up with the capital to start this business?” The opening salvo paragraph: If I were a rich man, I’d buy B&N, get rid of all the mass market shelf space, replace it […]

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Seth Godin on the Future of Publishing

This morning I listened to the audio of this talk that Seth Godin gave to the Independent Book Publishers Association. In 20 minutes, he laid out a way the publishing industry can adapt to changing landscapes and thrive in the future. It’s a 45 minute talk total, 25 minutes were question. 20 minutes was all […]

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Nicola Griffith on Starship Sofa

On the newest episode of Starship Sofa, my good friend Nicola Griffith has the featured fiction piece. Her story “It Takes Two” from the anthology Eclipse 3 is the bulk of the episode. This novelette was also selected for The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Seventh Annual Collection and The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of […]

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Reading List for my Social Media Vacation

I have purchased a few books on my Kindle recently that I’m going to read during my “social media vacation.” Like almost every Kindle purchase I’ve ever made both of these were impulse buys. I still need to write up my big post about how big publishers are completely missing the impulse buy potential of […]

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Walk/Talk Mismatch

A month or so ago, I saw Annie Leonard get interviewed on The Colbert Report about her book The Story of Stuff. I was interested and went to buy it for my Kindle. Hey, guess what? This book about how Americans buy more physical goods than they need and fill their houses up with it […]

Publishing 2010: Addenda 1

When you come out in favor of self-publishing, the first question people push back at you with is “If everyone can self-publish, how do I find the things worth reading?” My answer: Walk in to any Barnes and Noble, Borders, indie book store. Pick the section that most interests you and start picking up books […]

Publishing 2010: The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning?

This post is my attempt to distill together many different threads into a common tapestry. There is a lot of turbidity in the publishing, podcasting, music, film, television worlds right now. I have these feeling that every bit of this is all part of a larger whole and I’m going to take a stab at […]

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RIP, Kage Baker

Possibly lost in the publishing world brouhaha of the weekend, science fiction writer Kage Baker died of cancer on Sunday. I didn’t know her well and only met her once in real life, but I interviewed her several times and read many of her novels and stories. I found her an utterly charming person, a […]


NaNoWriMo Second Draft Special

My friends Kelley Eskridge and Nicola Griffith are writers who between them have written a significant chunk of my favorite books of the last twenty years. Earlier this year, before I decided to attempt NaNoWriMo and before they formed their agency, I had already reached out to them as first readers to help me with […]

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Why I am Doing NaNoWriMo This Year

Punk List for Manzanar Dreams Sort by Date Ad… Showing 1 – 4 of 9 items Our Band C… Michael Azerr… $11.55 Died for Yo… The Avengers… $8.99 San Francis… Crime (MP3 D… $9.99 Fun Terminal Mutants (MP3… $8.99 123> Privacy I made the decision late in the game that this year, I would be […]

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Sterling Editing

I frequently blog about my friends Nicola Griffith and Kelley Eskridge because not only do I love them very much but they are both ridiculously talented. I love all their writing, and now they have a new venture in the world. They’ve formed Sterling Editing, a service for editing, mentoring and coaching writers. These ladies […]

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Douglas Rushkoff and Life, Inc

The other day on impulse I bought the Kindle version of Douglas Rushkoff’s new book Life Inc . I heard two interviews with him, one on Bat Segundo and another on Tech Nation. I’ve long since dropped Tech Nation but this is the rare episode I actually didn’t delete out of hand and actually listened […]

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RIP, Dale Hudson

Sadly, Dale Hudson, a local author was found dead this week. As it happened, I met the guy a few years ago and blogged about it. He was giving a talk at my local library and I just happened to go and to buy a copy of his book Dance Of Death. I was a […]

Today is Kelley Day!

Today is Kelley Eskridge day at this Author August thing happening on the Science Fiction Message Board. Kelley is one of my favorite people in this world, one of my favorite writers in any genre and a person who makes things better. Check it out. There are only a few posts on her thread as […]

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Learning from Kindlegate and Amazonfail

I ran across this article at Podcasting News which reference this original article about trying to get multiple copies of purchased eBooks on multiple Kindle readers. This is being dubbed “Kindlegate” apparently. At first I was confused as to how this was a DRM issue because it sounded like an access to download issue, until […]

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The Kindle Criticism I Reject Out Of Hand

Shortly I’m going to post my review of the Kindle. I had held off because I wanted to have actually read some books to completion on it. I’ve done all the major functions at this point. I’ve read books I’ve purchased from Amazon – both from the web page and directly from the device. I’ve […]

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