Game of Thrones Game for Free

I bought the Telltale Games app of the Game of Thrones game a month ago. Now and for a limited time, that game is free on various platforms. I’m still early in Episode 1, and am considering just going ahead and getting the season pass while it is on sale for 25% off. I wish […]

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Sagas of the Icelanders Game

I stumbled across an Indiegogo campaign the other day for an interesting sounding game. It is called Sagas of the Icelanders and is a role playing game about the Norse who settled Iceland in the 10th century. It has 31 days left at the time of this writing and the goal is met so it […]

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Drop Target Zine Review

I’m a fan of cartoonist Alec Longstreth. I read his blog, buy his comics, have met him at Heroescon several times and even interviewed him once. I was pleased a few months ago when I saw him blog a reference that he was working with fellow cartoonist Jon Chad on a good old fashioned paper […]

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An Utter Fiasco (The Fun Kind)

Last week I met up with a few folks to play the game Fiasco. I had first heard about the game right before XCon last month, and Darren Miller was running the game at the convention. I very briefly met him him then but didn’t have the time to sit and play a full game. […]

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My First Kindle Purchase

I’ve had my Kindle for a week now, and I am truly digging it. Because of my busy schedule I haven’t had time to sit down and just read a book but with what little time I’ve had to play with it I have been impressed with the quality of the device, the ease of […]


Two Plus Two Pokercast Steps Up

I’ve been a listener of the Two Plus Two Pokercast since their previous incarnation, before they hooked up with Two Plus Two publishing. Most shows range from OK to quite good but the episode from March 10, 2009 flat out rocks. Not only does it have a great and illustrative interview with Huckleberry Seed (one […]

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Car Wars Hits the Real World

As a teenage geek gamer, my favorite game was Car Wars. Now Steve Jackson points out that there are real world cars built with the same drive system as the game cars. Now we are finally getting into the future I signed up for! Can rocket launchers behind the headlights be far behind? Also on:

City of Heroes

On a complete impulse buy, earlier today I picked up the install DVD for City of Heroes at Big Lots. At least one person on Twitter thought it was odd that I would be involved in such a thing when I’ve gone on record as being underwhelmed by things like Second Life. My problems with […]

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Chris Ferguson on Running Bad

Chris Ferguson is far and away my favorite poker professional. He has a post on the Full Tilt website about how to handle it when you run bad. I think this is all good advice. I’ve found his bankroll management tips to be the single best advice for the meta-game. It’s possible to avoid situations […]

Board Game Geek Gift Guide

I’m not really much of a gamer of any stripe. I have a tendency to buy games like Netrunner and INWO and then never actually play them. I used to listen to and enjoy the Board Game Geek Geek Speak podcast even though I had almost never played any of the games they talked about. […]

You Suck At Poker

I had a comment left on here that I really had a hard time telling if it was a spam blog or not. I dug around the site and decided not, and while doing that found an article I liked. It is the negatively titled but nonetheless accurate 7 Reasons Why You Suck at Poker. […]

R/C Jousting Knights

I got an email from Think Geek about these Radio Controlled Jousting Knights and for a second, I had that “I’ve got to have this” feeling. I don’t need them, but the concept is just so funny and cool that I wanted them. However, Think Geek got too clever for their own good. They have […]

0 to $10,0000

Over on Full Tilt Poker, my man Chris Ferguson is in the middle of an interesting experiment. He is trying to turn an initial $0 stake into $10,000. He writes up his progress here, which includes some very good rules for bankroll management. Ferguson is my favorite of all pro players which makes sense because […]

Subgenius Colony in NationStates

In the Mac Geek Gab, Dave and John have been pushing people to join NationStates and then joining their “Geeks Unite” region. I decided to do that, but to make it interesting I decided to create a nation devoted to Subgeniusness. When a decision comes up, I decided according to Subgenius thinking. If there is […]

More on Second Life

A few more opinions on Second Life. After my first post, PJ had some comments on it. In a similar vein, Eric Rice weighs in prompted by Chris Pirillo’s post. Chris’ experience is about the same as mine. The countervailing opinion of the boosters seems to be that those of us who are bored and […]


Second Life Less Interesting than the First

It seems like everyone and his uncle is always on about Second Life, so I downloaded it maybe 2 months ago. In the time since, I’ve used it maybe 60 minutes total. My sessions always go kind of like this: fire it up, try to figure out where I am and what I’m doing. That […]

Gamer Hassled by the Man

Greg Costikyan reports on a kid who, during a search on the Waterway Ferry from New Jersey to New York had a had a White Wolf book confiscated because it was “inappropriate.” Costikyan is outraged, pointing out that the role of these searches are to find things like bombs and guns, not decide whether passenger’s […]

Steve Jackson Gets It

As a teenager, I was a big fan of Steve Jackson Games. I loved Car Wars and Illuminati. Later, when I began browsing the web in 1994 via lynx on a shell account, their webpage was one of my favorite destinations. As an adult, I got into their Illuminati: New World Order card game (which […]

X-Arcade Dual Controller

Here’s a review of a good looking joystick, useable with MAME and others. If I buy another joystick to use with MAME, it will have two joysticks such that I can use it for Robotron (my favorite arcade game of all time). I’ve played it in manners other than two joysticks, like two sets of […]

Paranoia XP

I saw this morning in my aggregator that a new version of the classic game Paranoia is in the works. The press release is funny, written in the same style as the game itself, starting from the opening line: The Computer says that failure to feature this announcement prominently is treason. Treason is punishable by […]

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