Rude Dude

In the department of “who knew?” I just happened to stumble across the documentary Rude Dude: The Steve Rude Story. It is free for viewing via Amazon Prime. I have never heard of this before but now I have it downloaded for offline viewing. I have a plane trip next week with 3 different legs […]

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Stripped Documentary on Sale until September 19 2014

I was a Kickstarter backer of the documentary Stripped about the history and future of the comic strip and the business behind it. I backed it because as a listener of the then active Webcomics Weekly podcast and reader of the Sheldon webcomic, I wanted to support Dave Kellett. Having seen the movie, I will […]

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Gary Cole on Speakeasy

I’m a fan of Paul F. Tompkins and have been anxiously awaiting more episodes of the Pod F. Tompkast for a year and a half. I’ve just started watching his series Speakeasy on YouTube. This episode has Gary Cole and is pretty phenomenal. I like that the conceit of the series is that the two […]

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The Movie Has Rolled Footage

Today I went and did the first shoot of the documentary. My subject was Chavdar, himself a photographer who just graduated from Horry-Georgetown Technical College. By and large the setup and shoot went well. I have yet to review the footage so there is the possibility of a nasty surprise lurking. I screwed up one […]


The Movie Is Happening

Tomorrow is a big day for me. The indie documentary idea I’ve been talking about for years is going to have it’s first shoot. I’m excited, slightly nervous but mostly ready to get some actual footage captured. I’m not an experienced filmmaker so I’ve been cramming like a college kid the night before a final […]

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Lloyd Kaufman on the Treatment

The other day I listened to the podcast version of Elvis Mitchell’s show The Treatment . It featured a great interview with a guy I met last year, Lloyd Kaufman. During this interview I thought he made an enormous amount of sense about the movie business and how it works and should work. At last […]

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Three Word Review of the Watchmen Movie

I just saw the Watchmen tonight. I’ll be taking it in and writing about it more later. Whatever my expectations were of the best case scenario for pulling off this adaptation, it was waaay better than even that. Suffice it to say, here is my initial review of it: Oh. My. God. Also on:

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Kick Off Your Carnival with 3canal

I listened to the most recent episode of Caribbean Free Radio last weekend. There are precious few new episodes so I cherish every one I get. In this, she was talking with her friends in 3canal and they discussed their current album and the interesting promotion they are engaged in. For the time being, their […]

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Travels and Bummers and Will Eisner

I’m in Atlanta at the moment, doing travel for the day job. I would have liked to have met up with friends and done stuff but the evening plans were such that I wasn’t sure if I was free. I ended up opting to just go for ease this time through. Sorry ATL friends, I […]

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The Spirit Movie from an Alternate Reality

I am dreading the film version of The Spirit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to go see it in the theater. Whatever problems it has, they won’t get better on the smaller screen. It’s just that I fear it will be miserable experience. Everything about it that I’ve seen so far makes it look […]

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The other day listening to The Treatment with Elvis Mitchell, I heard his interview with the director of the independent movie Ballast. Between the interview and seeing the trailer, I am sold. This seems exactly like the kind of movie I like. One of the downsides of living in Myrtle Beach is that even last […]

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We watched Marjane Satrapi’s film version of Persepolis last night. Wow, what a fantastic film, one of the best adaptions I’ve ever seen. I’d actually put it above Sin City because it was not only a faithful adaption but the style of adaptation carried a lot of the story. My favorite bit was the flashback […]

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The Writer’s Strike and New Media

In my first job out of college as a chemist, I worked in a factory. I was in QC and worked alongside lab technicians that were unionized. A lot of progressives have a love of unions that I don’t share because I saw a lot of pure human sorriness excused by the union rules. I […]

The Spirit Movie

I’ll admit it. I’m very nervous about Frank Miller directing a film of The Spirit. I really hope that he manages to pull it off and keep true to the spirit of the source material. I fear it, though. It can’t possibly be worse than the 1980’s TV movie adaptation with Sam Jones. I saw […]

Done the Impossible

I finished watching Serenity and watched the Done the Impossible documentary at lunch this week. It’s interesting and pretty well done, but I sure would have liked to have heard more from the actors and crew than the fans. It feels like it’s about 3/4 fan, 1/4 pro focussed and I’d rather see that about […]

Firefly and Serenity

Spring of last year when the Serenity DVD was released, I picked it up as well as the Firefly box set. Around the same time I placed a preorder for the Done the Impossible documentary. My original plan was to watch all the episodes of the TV show, then rewatch the movie (which I saw […]

BBS Documentary

Over a year ago, I purchased BSS The Documentary. Actually, when I found out about it I joined up in the Adventurer club, which prebought the next documentary about text adventures and included a copy of BBS. I think because the DVDs are double layer, they don’t play right on my oldish DVD player. I […]

Shorter Criticism of An Inconvenient Truth

If your goal was to change minds about global warming and save the world, you’d have served that purpose better by not wrapping your message in an infomercial about Al Gore Brand Heroism(tm). By mixing messages, you gave the people who most need to be convinced an out for dismissing the whole exercise. By finishing […]

An Inconvenient Film

Coastal Carolina had a screening of An Inconvenient Truth tonight and we went to it. I’ve heard lots of people wax rhapsodic about it, so I had expectations set at a certain level. Frankly, unlike most people on my side of the political fence I just plain did not think much of the film. There […]

Mike Fisher and Goofaman Productions

I’ve been lucky to have just randomly met a lot of interesting people while living my life. This post is about a guy I met in a comics shop in Augusta GA when I was a teenager. His name is Mike Fisher and he’s the mastermind behind Goofaman Productions. For those of you who read […]

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