Dance, Jonathan Coulton, Dance

Correspondent Matt May points me to the Jonathan Coulton webpage after I played one of his songs recently. That page rocks, and he has a bunch of songs online, including the Little Gray Book songs like the one I played. Good stuff. I’m sure I’ll be playing others as well in future podcasts. Also on:

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Nathan Sheppard

Band of the Day! Man, I haven’t done one of these in ages. Today the lucky winner is Nathan Sheppard. He has a page with songs available at Most are Real Audio (ugh) but you can get the MP3 of “Travelling on”. I played his song “Travelling On” in the last EGC audio post, […]

Old Crow Medicine Show

Band of the Day! They’ve been playing the hell out of this band on World Cafe, a five piece from Nashville TN called Old Crow Medicine Show. The song they’ve been playing is their cover of Bob Dylan’s “Wagon Wheel” – a song I had never heard before but love their version of. They have […]

The Siderunners

I mentioned them in the previous post and I realized that I never made The Siderunners a band of the day, even though I’ve been listening the hell out of their CD. They have a page for their album at CD Baby that you can listen to the songs and even buy it straight from […]

Grace Braun and DQE

This band would have been a BOTD years ago except for the lack of a website and downloadable audio. Well, all that is fixed now. There is now a website and it even includes downloadable MP3s. I’m not going to say that much more, because I’ve raved about both Grace and DQE multiple times in […]

The Secret Machines

Last night watching Sound Opinions, they talked about a band called The Secret Machines. Their description was of psychedelic Pink Floyd or early Flaming Lips. Well, I checked out their website and that is what they sound like. They have a cool deal where you can buy the album as a download for $8.91 and […]

Otis Fodder

Band of the Day! Today it is Otis Fodder. I first heard him on the awesome Two Zombies Later compilation album from Comfort Stand. Now he has a whole album of his material, also on Comfort Stand, called Music to Drive Cross-Country By which is available for download at Comfort Stand or the Internet Archive. […]

All One Surface

Band of the Day! Today the band is All One Surface, which MP3s helpfully available in a side rail right from the front page. I read about these guys first on Die Puny Humans and downloaded their MP3s and liked them. Today I got email from Andy Malt at their record company (also producer of […]

Joe Firstman

Band of the day! In one of my saved World Cafe episodes, the in-studio guest was this guy I had never heard of before, Joe Firstman. He’s got streamable (not downloadable) versions of his songs on his music page. I can’t buy his album, even though I’d like to, because it is on an RIAA […]


Without a doubt, this is the weirdest Band of the Day yet. I stumbled across this by accident on Feedster, it is the Hamburglers. There is an album’s worth of material up there of a hypothetical disk called “Happy Meal”. The description is: The Hamburglers are an anonymous collective who assembed tracks out of samples […]

Kevin Johansen

Band of the Day! I heard this guy earlier today on The World Cafe, with a tune that was striking enough that I backed up iTunes to catch the name of both the song and musician. It was “Down with my Baby” by Kevin Johansen and the Nada. It has these nearly spoken, monotone vocals […]

Alto 45

Via Warren Ellis I found out about Alto 45. I know nothing more about this band than their bio on the website and some downloadable MP3. I’ve listened to a number of them, and liked them all. I like them, I will download them all and keep an eye out for them. Yet another band […]

Continental Drifters

Band of the Day! This time it is a band we used to see frequently in Louisiana, the Continental Drifters. They don’t have any songs easily downloadable, but they do have every track off every album available to stream in reasonable sounding RealAudio so I’ll give them a pass on that. I’ve been listening to […]

Daily life

I didn’t get to see Game 4. For some reason I was sure it was later, and we were experiencing the joy of furniture shopping in Schaumburg while it was happening. I found out it was on by walking by TVs in Ikea. There’s something odd about standing in a knot of people in a […]


No, not the kind you are thinking of. It’s an upstart source control management system that is intended to address some of the shortcomings of the stolid, ubiquitous but aging CVS. These guys look like they have really thought it through from the ground up, deciding what are the important things for a SCM to […]

CJUG again

The CJUG meeting was pretty good. I was fretting some about getting there, but as it turned out taking the Metra was pretty plush, fairly fast, and took me across the street from where I wanted to be. Hard to beat that with a stick. The meeting itself was informative. The JUnit portion wasn’t of […]

For My Next Trick, I’ll Need a Volunteer

Warren Zevon lyric of the day, from “For My Next Trick I’ll Need a Volunteer”: I can saw a woman in two But you won’t want to look in the box when I do I can make love disappear For my next trick I’ll need a volunteer Also on:

Chuck P Interview

Here’s an interesting interview with Chuck Palahniuk from some weblog – not exactly sure what credentials this person has and whether this inteview was for the weblog or something else. I’m hoping he comes to Chicago on this go-round of publicity. I’d like to meet him and hear this story that is making people pass […]

How to Give Away MP3s

Since my band of the day thing is all about bands from whom you can download officially sanctioned songs, I thought I’d give a suggestion to every musician/band/record label that is freely offering up MP3s. Fill out the freaking ID3 tags!!! Seriously, this is wildly important. Consider the use case. Someone like me has a […]

East River Pipe

Band of the day! I saw this one on Die Puny Humans, a one man electronica outfilt called East River Pipe. I’m not such a huge fan of electronica, but I liked all the MP3s I downloaded from the ERP link above. They (he) is on Merge Records, who I have dealt with a little […]

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