RIP, Lux Interior

Lux Interior, lead singer of the Cramps is dead at age 62. The one time I saw the Cramps was one of the highest energy and craziest shows I ever attended. I’m in my early 40s now and forced to live in a world without Lux, Joe Strummer, Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny Ramone, Robert […]

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Fleetwood Mac Historical Controversy

Soundstage on PBS has recently shown a 2 part concert from Stevie Nicks. For no apparent reason this started me thinking about old Stevie songs and old Fleetwood Mac and reading about some of their history. I ran across a bit about the controversy on the Rumours album, where Stevie Nicks really wanted the song […]

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The Gentle Readers Rocked

We went to Atlanta last weekend and I got to see the Gentle Readers play. It’s an increasingly rare occurrence that they perform a show and I never know when it will be the last time, so I really wanted to go and catch them one more time. It was great, although I was probably […]


Free Amazon MP3s

A while back, I made my first ever purchase from the Amazon DRM Free MP3 store, Brian Eno’s Here Come the Warm Jets. I liked the experience and thought it was pretty cool. Now via Ruby comes this link to a bunch of free MP3s. I just spent a bunch of time going through all […]


Eno and DRM Free MP3s

I can hit the quinella and make a new post that ties together two recents posts about music I love and DRM protected music. I realized that Brian Eno’s Here Come the Warm Jets is probably the album I love most that I don’t own. Somewhere in a box I believe I have a cassette […]

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Purity of a Pop Song

One of my favorite pop songs is Sugar’s “Gee Angel”, partly for the purity and simplicity of the lyric There’s nothing in this world That I’d rather do Than buy a set of wings And fly away with you That’s a beautiful sentiment. Everyone needs someone to fly away with. Also on:

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Desert Island Discs

I’m currently listening to Wim Merten’s ” Maximizing The Audience“, which is perhaps my all-time favorite song. That put me in mind of other of my favorite bits of music. There is not much here that you’d hear in oldies radio and several songs that few or no one that reads this will know. (Chris […]

Groadies I Have Known

I am subscribed to the Large Hearted Boy music and literature blog. Today was a post about the PDX Pop Now festival. The thing that jumps out about that is that the band Jonny X and the Groadies are friends of mine. I’ve known Jonny for 10 years and on the last national tour they […]

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The Siderunners Live

I’ve gotten a few emails from Nate “Siderunner” Van Allen pointing to the Siderunners website. Although the band is somewhere between on hiatus and defunct, they are releasing MP3s of the live shows they did on their last tour. I don’t know how many times I’ve played them in my show and I’ll definitely be […]


On the Continuing Death of the Record Labels

Via Ken comes this link to Demonbaby on the death of the Oink service. That’s the specific but it is a long musing on the increasing irrelevance of big music labels and their attempt to struggle against the future even when doing so dismantles their own value. Good stuff, check it out. Also on:

Thermos Greenwood

I’m listening to last week’s Personality Crisis and Jon has on these crazy guys from Thermos Greenwood. I don’t know how it is that I’ve never heard of them. They seem to come from that whole old Atlanta musician Glen Philips/Bruce Hampton/Swimming Pool Qs axis. I liked all the songs they played and want to […]

NYC, 1977

Via Caitlin comes this link to a great essay by Anthony Bourdain about what it was like to live in New York City in 1977. I really like how he is working at deromanticizing the punk era with statements like this: The irradiated spawn of tormented loners who had grown up listening to the Stooges […]

Sgt. Pepper Must Die

Here’s a great article of musicians talking smack about other highly regarded albums. No one will ever agree with all these. For example, I highly agree with the inclusion of Sgt Pepper and Pet Sounds but was kind of incensed by Nevermind and Daydream Nation. Oddly, Wayne Coyne was the one down on Nirvana and […]

How Jonathan Coulton Did It

Jonathan Coulton has a long post relating the case study of how he became an internet buzzworthy artist with an income. He very kindly name checks me in it. I’m pretty sure the timetable is slightly different, in that I played his “Dance Soterios Johnson Dance” in an EGC episode the day after I found […]

Used CDs Are Bad Bad Things

When you think about things that really need a lot of oversight when they are sold used, what springs to mind? How far down that list are music CDs? Apparently states are passing new laws putting restrictions on how you can sell used CDs. Dear bob, does the insanity have no bounds? Florida now has […]

Randall Bramblett Rocks!

I did go to the show last night at the Rivertown Jazz and Arts Festival. A friend called a few minutes before I was ready to head back, so I missed the first 15 minutes or so of the Randall Bramblett Band. It was a fine show, and I liked it a lot. It had […]

Rivertown Jazz and Arts Festival

This Saturday is the annual Rivertown Jazz and Arts Festival. Last year the headliner was John Scofield, this year it is the Randall Bramblett Band. I wasn’t familiar with him, but looking up his bio I see he played with Sea Level, Traffic and Greg Allman before launching his solo career. This is the one […]

RIAA Gets Everyone’s Money

Correspondent Derek sent me this link to a story about how Sound Exchange (aka, the RIAA) collects webcasting money for every artist even the ones that have nothing to do with the RIAA. That is to say, the RIAA will collect money for every song that is ever webcast from here on out, whether or […]

Rocket City Riot Drops

I feel paternal about this item. A long time back, this podcast was serializing the new Rocket City Riot album one song at a time as he finished them. We were doing a short interview every Saturday, which was a lot of fun. At least one of these was done with John Mark while he […]

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Siderunners Final Show

The Siderunners will be having their final show tonight at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago. If you can make it, this would be the one to see. Show starts at 9 PM CDT, 2100 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL – (773) 281 – 4444   It sucks that this is the last one, and it makes my […]

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