Public Radio Fan’s Podcast List

I’ve been a fan of Public Radio Fan for some time. It’s the resource I use to find out what stations stream the shows I want to record with RadioLover. They have expanded a little, and now they have a list of public radio shows that have podcasts. That’s heads up play, and a good […]


Let’s Be Clear

Just so’s we’re all on the same page in regards to this quality podcast vs. public radio thing, I’m not arguing that quality is unimportant or shouldn’t be strived for. It should always be. If you got a game, stepping it up should be a priority to you. However, the notion that one must be […]

Production Quality: Coda

This afternoon, I left the house for the first time in a while and drove to the coffee shop. On the way, I tried to listen to All Things Considered on the radio. Within one minute, I got sick of it and instead listened to the Ruby Conf Wrapup episode of the Ruby on Rails […]

Public Radio v Podcasting: Prelude Step, Normalization

Before I write up my piece responding to Stephen Hill’s thing about public radio and podcating, I’m going to do an experiment. If it works, I’ll always do this before tackling any of this “Thing X” vs “Thing Y” written by someone who has a dog in the fight (whether or not I’m rooting on […]

Public Radio and/or Podcasting

I’m busy at work and don’t have time to write this up, but I read both Stephen Hill’s statement on podcasting and Doc Searls’ response. I don’t think either of these meshes well with what I think. This is something I actually have some insight on, as a very early podcaster and as someone who […]

Inside Mac Radio

In 15 minutes, I’m scheduled to be on Inside Mac Radio. It came about pretty last minute, but I’ll try to rise to the occasion. This is only the second live radio thing I’ve done, the first being the fairly impenetrable experience of being on BBC Five’s Up All Night where I got lots of […]

“The End of New Orleans” on Open Source

Tonight on Radio Open Source, their show is about New Orleans. Tune in if you can, stream if you can or listen afterwards via podcast. Also on:

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Audible Domino Falls

I read Doc Searls’ commentary about the news that NPR will not be renewing their contract with Audible. This line of thinking kind of fits in with what Doug Kaye as saying about the future of public radio. As Doc points out, the weird thing about this new world order is the “channel conflict”, where […]

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Eyedrum Podcast

My friend and WREK cohort Chris emailed me about his new project. He has been a volunteer at the Atlanta art gallery/ performance space Eyedrum for a while. Once a month on WREK he hosts a Sunday Special that features songs from performances at the joint. Now he has set up a podcast for those […]

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My cable modem took a dump, so I relocated to the branch office temporarily. I’m sitting here working, eating a crab melt panini and listening to last week’s Personality Crisis from WREK. Jon is currently playing a chunk of songs that are ELO and ELO covers. Just like the Paul Melancon song “Jeff Lynne” reminds […]

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Ellen Kushner

I was surprised and pleased to see that Ellen Kushner left a comment on this blog. I really like Ellen, and I’ve been a listener of her show Sound and Spirit for 10 years. It’s one of the ones I capture from MP3 streams and listen to later. In 1996 when I was pitching the […]

Subgenius Feed

As a reminder to all of you who are in to remix/mashup culture, you can subscribe to an RSS feed for the grandaddy of them all, the Subgenius Hour of Slack, plus the local Atlanta show Bob’s Slacktime Funhouse. If you subscribe now, you’ll get HOS #999 (which is the number of Bob), and shortly […]

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Raiding The 20th Century

I’m getting to this late because of my busy week last week but Bob’s Slacktime Funhouse last week aired in its entirety a great audio documentary called “Raiding the 20th Century”, which is about remix culture, cutups, sampling and such. I listened to it in O’Hare airport waiting for a plane and I’ve never had […]

Theater of the Mind

Folks that deny the value of audio because it isn’t text just plain don’t appreciate the theater of the mind. I love it and have basically my whole life. I love radio dramas, becoming interested as a child in the 70’s. At that time, CBS radio had a revival of Mystery Theater which frequently featured […]

Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything

Last week when I posted about This American Life someone suggested to me Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything as something else that fills that quirky, brilliant, edgy niche. I subscribed and I really do like the show. I see on his blog that he posts about picking up a new station. He gives some clues […]

This American Blindspot

Tonight I heard a chunk of This American Life that was a repeat I had previously listened to. I usually love the show, but this one I didn’t like very much. I realized that pretty much every episode I don’t much like has something in common – lots of Jonathan Goldstein. Not to disparage the […]

Radio Inflections

Via I love Radio comes the information that in September 2004, as measured by this study, Canadian teens spent more time listening to new media (which are MP3s, internet radio, podcasts and that sort of thing) than broadcast radio. Full article here. Also on:

Dispirited of the Radio

I love the news of Howard Stern moving to Sirius Radio. Dammit, that’s enough to make me consider getting one! I haven’t explored if Sirius has one of those home/car combos but I love this idea. Add that to what we’ve been doing here with internet delivery of programs, and I hope we are seeing […]

RSS Feed for The Linux Show

Never let it be said that I’m not a good samaritan. Doc tells me that The Linux Show doesn’t have an RSS feed which I noted means it really isn’t podcast (TM). Well, bring the noise! They do now. I subscribed to that link and am getting all the files down via iPodderX right now. […]

XM Internet Radio

Via this article from Gizmodo, it appears that XM Radio will be starting their own internet radio time shifting service. That answers the the questions I had why XM would lean on Time Trax. They framed it as a legalistic issue, but really it was just a ploy to crush possible competition. Also on:

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