Preacher TV

I love Preacher. Once you accept a few outlandish premises plot comes from character so thoroughly it seems inevitable. Also on:Facebook Facebook Tumblr Twitter Twitter

Faster than the Bear

Loaded for bear to see @TruTVJokers. Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter


Bootleg Trollope

I occasionally turn to the Darkweb when I look for something legitimately and find that it is not available anywhere. Such is the 1982 BBC / Masterpiece Theater production of Anthony Trollope’s The Warden and Barchester Towerst. I just finished Doctor Thorne, Book three in the series, and vaguely remember seeing Donald Pleasance in this […]

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I thought Blindspot looked intriguing so I set it on the DVR and only just got to watching it this week. I watched all of the pilot. By 10 minutes into episode 2, I deleted the series recording and all the episodes. I just couldn’t take it. This is even though I really like Jamie […]


Soaking in Game of Thrones

I’ve spent since Thanksgiving reading A Song of Ice and Fire. I finished Storm of Swords and A Feast for Crows and now I’m a third of the way through A Dance with Dragons. Three books in 4 or 5 months is pretty good for me in recent years. However when you consider this is […]

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What Say You, Fast and Furious?

I really enjoy the What Say You podcast with Brian Quinn and Sal Vulcano. I went about things bass-ackwards, first listening to and enjoying their podcast enough that I decided to try an episode of the Impractical Jokers TV show. I’d expect most people went the other way around. I was already a listener of […]

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James Mason Shark

Dear Octonauts, I noticed what you did in the “Artifical Reef” episode, giving the sharks all James Mason voices. Thanks for keeping it interesting for the parents, and the older ones at that. Also on:Twitter


Octonauts FTW

Punkin has really taken to The Octonauts cartoon. These things come and go in waves (no pun intended) but this one seems to be sticking. We had Octonauts stuff at her birthday party and she spent her birthday money mostly on various Gup vehicles. What I really like about the show is that every single […]


Superbowl Commercials

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. Somewhere after child bedtime I realized the game was on but I didn’t care enough to even turn it on. I didn’t look at social media at all last night, opting to go to bed at the first moment possible. Today I see many people predictably talking about the […]

Eddie Pepitone FTW

@midnightGet More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows I watch @Midnight sometimes. I tend to only watch the episodes that include a comedian or personality that I care about. If none of the three panelists appeal to me, I just delete it from the DVR unwatched. Thus, my knowledge is not encyclopedic. I can however say […]

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The Things I Know

There is so much pop culture knowledge from the last 5-15 years that just eludes me now. I have officially hit that age where I respond to most issues of recent pop culture with the middle-aged guy “Whaaa?” One exception is that I am – if not against my will without really trying – learning […]

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Spoiler Zone

I can see I am really going to have to try to power through the episodes of The Flash and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to get myself up to the mid-season finales as fast as possible to avoid spoilers. Or, I can read and hear the spoilers and promptly forget them because I am that guy […]

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Gary Cole on Speakeasy

I’m a fan of Paul F. Tompkins and have been anxiously awaiting more episodes of the Pod F. Tompkast for a year and a half. I’ve just started watching his series Speakeasy on YouTube. This episode has Gary Cole and is pretty phenomenal. I like that the conceit of the series is that the two […]

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Television Branding Thought of the Day

Let’s go ahead and make it official. TLC should change what those initials represent from “The Learning Channel” to “Terrible Life Choices.” They clearly haven’t cared about learning for years now, preferring instead the freak show type spectacle. Keep truth in that advertising! Also on:

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Ebooks From TV – My New Side Project

It’s true, I do not need Yet One More Side Project. Regardless, I have one. Talking to Paul Fischer at Balticon a few weeks ago, I was mentioning to him my ebook buying dynamic. I said that “If I see a book on Colbert or the Daily Show that interests me, I look to see […]

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M*A*S*H Crosses the Line

We leave the TV on to the Hallmark Channel for our dog many days, which means that I leave the house to the Golden Girls and generally arrive home to M*A*S*H. The episode that is on right now is one of the earlier ones with BJ Honeycutt and Colonel Potter. There is a scene where […]

Proofread It

While watching the final episode of ER, a television event I would think would be a big deal for advertisers, we saw something amazing. There was a McDonalds commercial about scratch made biscuits that had a scroll across the bottom. In it, it referred to “32 oz. sweat tea” (sic). Mmmm, tea made out of […]

ER Put Out of Its Misery

We’re watching the final episode of ER. We stopped watching the show several years ago and I think we stuck with it a year or two too long. I truly don’t think much of this series finale. The dialog is thudding and obvious, the whole thing has the heavy handed touch I remember oh so […]


Porcupine Racetrack

Because my brother brought it up in comments on my previous post about funny TV shows, I have to agree that this is my favorite skit from any comedy show every, hands down. Yes, even above the Blue Oyster Cult “cowbell” sketch. The State masterfully assembles every cliche from the 30’s and 40’s cine,a – […]

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Your Favorite TV Comedy

Through Wednesday evening, the Large Hearted Boy blog is holding a contest. You can win The Complete Monty Pythons Flying Circus: Collectors Edition Megaset, and all you have to do is to name your favorite TV comedy. 320 comments in, I was the very first person to name the Ernie Kovacs show. That don’t seem […]

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