Conway SC Business Incubator

I ran across this story about a business incubator opening in downtown Conway SC originally via The Digitel daily email. I love the idea of a business incubator in downtown Conway, it really is a great location for it. To emphasize the small town nature of this place, I know personally all the people interviewed […]

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Dan Conover Takes On The Newspapers

As someone who as seen the “journalists vs bloggers” debate iterated a few dozen times more than I really care to, I’m interested when new factors are put in either side of that equation. One thing I have noticed from the journalist side of this is that they tend to mention virtues of professional journalists […]

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Note to Online Retailers

If you have an online store with a shopping cart, it might make sense to do the work to make that shopping cart persistent. If someone spends 15 minutes filling that cart and then gets interrupted before they can finish up, comes back to it and finds the cart empty, they might just get pissed […]

Dear CVS Pharamacy

If you are going to lock up the colognes and perfume, and then have a sale on them, it should be predictable by you that people might want to buy some of them. When I went to the store at 38th Avenue and Highway 17 Bypass in Myrtle Beach at lunch today, and stood at […]

Saul Griffith on the Wattage of a Lifestyle and Energy Literacy

Perhaps my favorite presentation ever on IT Conversations is this session from ETech with Saul Griffith (presentation hardcopy here). He discusses some assumptions on how carbon dioxide levels could be stabilized at non-catastrophic levels and then what the energy requirements of the maximum average lifestyle would be. Interestingly, he analyzes his own lifestyle in terms […]

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US Airways Explores New Ways to Annoy

One of the big downsides of residing in the Myrtle Beach area is that most of the air flight out of MYR is handled by US Airways. This flight, at least, we left on time and so far have been without incident. However, I’m not particularly happy about paying for a ticket for a flight […]


How I Would Have Merged Twitter and I Want Sandy

I’m not a brilliant internet entrepreneur or much of any kind of entrepreneur, really. I’m not a strategist or business expert or pundit or guru. All I have is guesswork and barely healed stubbed toes and a general feeling around of my way in this online world. However, even with my lack of chops it […]

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Dan Conover on the Media Interregnum

My friend Dan Conover took a buyout at his job at the Charleston Post and Courier last month. His final assignment was to write a piece on the present day values of mass media journalism. Fittingly for the situation, they opted not to print it and gave it back to him to do what he […]

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Microfinance Podcast Coincidence

This morning in my podcast queue I listened to two shows in a row that discussed microfinance. The first was more technical, the Ruby on Rails podcast interview with the MicroPlace developers. The second was the “My Needs/Your Needs” episode of the Heather Gold show, which included microfinance expert April Rinne. What’s interesting to me […]

Project Wonderful Arbitrage

I’ve been experimenting with Project Wonderful ads on AmigoFish for some time. It’s never made that much money and what it brings in I just spend back out in placing ads myself. I mostly just like the idea of it and the purity of their mechanism even though now the distribution of advertisers skews heavily […]


The Beancounter Bubble

Here’s a sad article but one that seems true to me about how our country and economy has been sucked dry by beancounters. The American ship is sinking from the weight of its own economic narcissism. Our accountants and finance professionals have been richly rewarded for squeezing the last microscopic drop of profitability out of […]

Buy Nothing Day

So in principle I support Buy Nothing Day. It’s the same message I’ve been preaching on here and in my podcast for years. No TV or goodie is as nice as the feeling of being out of debt. However, I’m buying something today. There’s an item we’ve been talking about getting for six months, is […]

US Airways, Purveyors of Service

Sounds like US Airways and America West really made a hash of combining their reservation systems. US Airways is one of the common carriers out of Myrtle Beach and often these United tickets are cross-booked with them. I think they are the most consistently sucky airline I’ve ever flown. It’s not one thing, it is […]

Keep Your Enemies Closer

Over at 37Signals, Matt blogs an article about how competition creates market niches, focusing specifically on the jockeying amongst Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme and Starbucks for your caffeine and sugar dollar. I’ve seen way too much wussiness about competition in the tech world, up to and including a CEO of a startup I worked at […]

Timeline of Firing Sprint

I cancelled my new Sprint PCS service tonight. I’d had it for less than two weeks, and over the course of the evening decided I don’t want to be their customer. Here’s the timeline. January 9 – We order new phones from Sprint January 11 – We receive the phones. I test it out, and […]

Bitpass Shutting the Doors

Here’s another startup in the act of biting dust. Micropayment company Bitpass is shutting the doors. The only thing that ever gave me the slightest reason to want to use them is that Scott McCloud’s online comics and Telltale Weekly both used them. In fact, McCloud was involved in the company as an advisor. I […]

Socks Ain’t Business

There needs to be a better convention for blogging all the chain of a story as it reaches you. It always bugs me when everyone cites BoingBoing for things and ignore all the ways that they got the story. Let’s try this: Yarn Harlot blogged this story which begat Majikthise which begat Teresa which begat […]

Culture Clash

Via Xark comes this enjoyable story about a meeting between Jim Buckmaster of Craigslist and some investment bankers. “What are your plans to maximize profits?” “We have no such plans.” Wow. Also on:


No Change for Fish

In Myrtle Beach, there is a big touristy open air mall called Broadway at the Beach. It has a lot of boardwalks over a pond, and there are these big creepy koi in it. At many places, there are little vending machines for fish food – drop in a quarter and get a handful of […]

Questions for Startup Founders

My friend Jason sent around a link to this page of interest to any of you entrepeneurial types. It is a list of questions founders of a startup should ask themselves and each other. Interesting stuff, and I don’t know that I disagree with a one of them. For an example of this working the […]

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