Geek Business Myths

Here is a cool article about the top 10 geek business myths. Here is my favorite one: Myth #3: Someone will steal your idea if you don’t protect it. Reality: No one gives a damn about your idea until you actually succeed and by then it’s too late. Even on the off chance that you […]


As of last Friday, I work for the third largest MSSP (managed security services provider.) It’s the largest “pure play” company now, meaning that we are the biggest company not in any other business but this. It’s not a sidelight, it’s the only thing we do and we focus on doing it well. Thus far, […]

Killing Podcasting

I mostly agree with this article from the Podcast NYC blog – killing podcasting one VC dollar at a time. I’ll admit that I have a pretty strong hard-off for Odeo, because I’m still bugged at all the fawning “Oh, here comes Evan to save podcasting” bullshit with folks talking about how wonderful they were […]

Future of Work

I heard an interesting talk on IT Conversations, Thomas Malone on the future of work. The basic thesis is that democracy is a function of the cost of communication, and that as communication costs dropped in society democracy emerged in governance. He posits that we will see democracy in business governance in the same sort […]


No It Isn’t

I’ve decided that anytime the phrase “our call is important to us” is uttered to me, unless a live human being is actually speaking it to me, I am going to interpret it as antagonistic bullshit that is self-evidently a lie. If my call actually was more important than keeping call center headcount down, I […]

Big Ad

It’s a big ad, my god it’s big! Also on:


This thought occurred to me the other day, as the sales of the stuff packages have led to a little buildup of money in my Paypal account that I have not yet converted to actual folding money. How much money sits in the Paypal system in steady state? They charge for some of their services, […]

Mark Cuban vs the RIAA

Here’s an interesting post from Mark Cuban (whose blog I have just started reading regularly.) He wants to compile statistics on how file-sharing has affected industries to test the RIAA’s claims that it has hurt their business. He points out that DVDs, photographs and video games have all seen their sales go way up. He […]

And Why Should I Care?

Earlier this week, I recieved this email: Dear David, Thank you for your recent Hotel purchase. Now that you’re back, we’d love to hear about your stay at the Rickeys, A Hyatt Hotel in Palo Alto. We’ve put together a very brief survey that will only take about 2 minutes of your time to […]

The Watercooler Gang

In my reasonably recent past, I had a job I hated. I was far from the only person who hated this job – pretty much every coworker did too. One of those people asked me today, “are we the watercooler gang?” Sadly, I think we were. We spent a lot of time complaining about how […]

A Little PR

Just in time for my leaving the company, Orbitz put out a little press release about the seatmap work I did for them. Pretty cool, no? When I first saw this, I thought it was some kind of reportage until I realized it was something Orbitz paid to put on the PR newswire. I do […]

The Direction of a Death Spiral

Sometimes Dilbert really creeps me out by ceasing to be a comic strip and becoming a documentary of previous jobs I have had. Also on:

What Darin Learned at Work

Here’s what my friend and sometimes programming partner Darin has learned about work from a bad job we have both suffered through together. There is a lot of bitter wisdom in this very short post, all of it learned the hard way. Also on:

Dilbert on Responsive Business

Today’s Dilbert hits hard. “Never listen to your customers. They were dumb enough to buy your product, so they have no credibility.” Also on:

Monsanto Goes Insane

Here’s a story that I really don’t understand. Monsanto, which makes the hormones frequently given to milk cows, is suing a Maine dairy for labeling their milk “hormone free”. The label, used by Oakhurst Dairy in Portland, states: “Our farmers’ pledge: no artificial growth hormones.” Monsanto sued Oakhurst in July, saying its label implies the […]

US Jobs

First, a CNET commentary about IT jobs going offshore entitled “Where did my IT job go?” Next, comes a post from Jeremy Zawodny wondering why CFO jobs aren’t outsourced to India and China? It’s a mostly clerical position. If you can save 70% of the price of a $80K programmer and think that’s just great, […]

Quixotism and Panzaism

Here’s a post from Incipient Thoughts on management Panzaism, or the belief that real problems don’t exist and how it cycles with Quixotism. Haven’t we all been in these workplaces? Also on:

Unhappy Companies

In another post by Esther Derby, she points to this article in Industry Week by John Brandt about unhappy companies. Here is one of his ways he thinks unhappy companies are all alike: A belief that employees are dangerous and lazy. Unhappy companies invariably believe that their employees are out to sabotage the business, and […]


Every so often, I’ll have a window open tailing my apache logs for this weblogs’ server and notice something going nuts. This morning, I saw umpty hundreds hits from the “Waypath Scout v2 (beta)” user agent, all from the same IP address. It was making so many requests in a short period of time that […]

Libertarian Party on Rush Limbaugh

Here is the official Libertarian Party response to the Rush Limbaugh drug charges. This is strong stuff, and I hope they are right that now that the hypocrisy and double standards of the drug war are so blatantly obvious, policy will change for the better. An excerpt: “Republican and Democratic politicians have written laws that […]

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