Two Months on Eat To Live

I’ve now been on the Eat to Live plan for two months and a day. Total tally: I have lost 33 pounds so far. I started at 211 pounds in late June, I weighed 178 pounds this morning. At the 5 week mark when the plan loosened up and allowed me to eat some meat […]

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Weight and Health Update

Not only have I hit my 18 month weight low recently, I have actually gotten down into the vicinity of my weight loss circa fall 2012, when I was qualifying for a health insurance rebate. I have no cash incentive this time, I’m just doing it for me. I started swimming on July 1st. In […]

Fat Times

My friend Derek Coward posted over the holidays a wakeup call he had about how fat he has become. I’m in a similar boat. I was working out at the gym over the summer, and at some point had my routine broken and stopped going. There was not a week between August and December that […]

Week 18

Forgot to post this last week. This morning I was at 224 pounds – two pounds less than two weeks ago and 22 pounds down from baseline. I’m getting even a little farther under that 228 plateau that I was stuck on for so long. I did actually do a little strength training this week, […]

Life Amongst the Ravening Automobiles

One of the big things that kept me from adopting a bicycle-centric lifestyle was my complete debilitating fear of riding on the streets with cars. I could do it in Portland because of the nice fat bike lanes and because there were so many bikes that one could take safety in numbers. In Evanston even […]

Week 16

This morning I was at 226 – two pounds less than last week and 20 pounds down from baseline. This is the first time I have broken through the 228 barrier on this go around. Now I’m down around the weight I was at in Atlanta when I thought I really needed to lose some […]

Week 15

This week I weighed 228 – down one pound from last week and down 18 pounds from baseline. I really need to buckle back down and get under this weight. This 228 point is a plateau I haven’t dropped below in this effort. I haven’t really made any progress in the last month, despite getting […]

Week 14

It was pointed out to me that I forgot to post my weight this week. On Monday, I was 229 pounds – up one pound from the previous week and down 17 from baseline. I don’t feel too bad about that, as 5 days last week were at the beach, not excercising and basically eating […]

Moist Ride

If I was to be riding my bike back and forth to the train each day, one day or another I was bound to get rained on. Well, today was my baptism of … water. It was sprinkling when I first left the train station, which turned into a full rain about halfway home. Even […]

Week 13

This week I was not down any weight, still 18 pounds down from baseline. I actually did get more activity last week, more stair climbing and bike riding. It would have been good if I could have been the even 20 pounds but I’ll take what I have. With any luck this will be one […]

The Right Tools and the Right Touch

Yesterday we went for the first round of bike shopping for me. We looked at one bike we really liked at Turin Bikes in Evanston. It was a Specialized Crossroads (I don’t know if that link is to the exact bike but it is very similar to that.) I’m looking for a reasonably inexpensive hybrid […]

Week 12

My weight this week was 228 pounds, down 3 pounds from last week and 18 pounds down from baseline. I added some activity and did some more bike riding and such. I’m pretty pleased with my progress so far. If I lose 2 pounds by next week, I’ll have lost an even 20 pounds my […]

I Want to Ride My Bicycle, I Want to Ride My Bike

After months of talk, I actually did ride my bike to the Metra station this morning. It didn’t take that long and I had enough time to go into the convenience store and buy a (sorely needed) bottle of water when I got there. It is definitely pathetic how hard a one mile bike ride […]

Week 11

This week I was back to 231, down 4 pounds from my Memorial Day weekend binge week last week, and down 15 pounds total. I’ve been saying for months that I was going to start biking to the train, and I’m one piece of equipment from doing it. My goal is to do it tomorrow. […]

Week 10

Eventually I knew it would have to happen, and this week was the week – the first in which I didn’t lose weight from the previous week. This week I was at 235, up 4 pounds from last week and down 11 from baseline. The holiday weekend had an inordinate amount of eating out, including […]

Week 8

My weight this week was 231 – down 2 pounds from last week and 15 pounds from baseline. The slow and steady pace continues. Starting this week, I plan on biking to the train station when I can, so that 2 miles of bike riding a few times a week should help out some as […]

Week 7

This morning I weighed 233, down 2 pounds from last week and 13 from baseline. I had a couple of lapses, including allowing myself 3 of the big triple chocolate cookies from Dominick’s (Safeway). Man those are tasty! By and large, I’m just eating less (but not enough less to be hungry), drinking more water […]

Week 6

Even though I relaxed my eating standards a little during my mom’s visit, I’m still at 235. That’s down 1 from last week and 11 down from baseline. I’m still not doing any appreciable exercise but we did do a lot of walking this weekend. I’m a little relieved. I wouldn’t have been surprised if […]

Week 5

This week my weight was 236 – down 2 pounds from last week and 10 pounds from baseline. This is still without adding in any significant organized excercise, just taking the stairs more often and trying to eat according to the Harvard recommendations. Yesterday was a particularly stressful day, and I cracked. I ate a […]

Week 4

My weight this week was 238 – down 2 pounds from last week and 8 pounds overall. I’m actually a little surprised by that. Because I was sick last week, I fled to some comfort foods and wasn’t very active for last half of the week. I had a Starbucks mocha, deep-fried sweet-and-sour chicken, a […]

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