Meteorite In My Junk

I don’t know if this is the entirety of my problem, but this little son of a bitch shot out my pee hole this afternoon. I was expecting it, in general, and I wasn’t expecting that. It’s a weird experience watching particulate matter emerging from where it usually doesn’t. Also on:Facebook Twitter

The Bourne Consultant

I’m having a “Bourne Identity” moment about my career: I don’t mind wearing a suit and I really enjoying talking to customers and partners. Maybe I am a sleeper agent planted in Engineering 20 years ago by Sales and Marketing guys. It makes you wonder. Also on:Facebook Twitter

Vegas Conversation

This is an actual conversation from my Vegas trip. I had met a guy playing Pai Gow poker and finally left after the dealer scolded me for playing my hand wrong. I played some roulette and talked to him on my way out. I was talking about my strategy for playing which is really a […]

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Viva Las Vegas

I’m on the road to Las Vegas, missing everyone I know attending the New Media Expo by 6 to 18 hours. Oh well. Note the Director’s Cut t-shirt for Penn Jillette’s movie. It’s the most Vegasy garment I own. Also on:Facebook Twitter

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Punkin hands me a jellybean. Punkin: “What does it taste like?” Me: “It tastes like piƱa colada. Like getting caught in the rain.” Punkin: “Huh?” Also on:Facebook Twitter

Yes, You Have a Problem

A week ago I took some Merlin Mann advice from Back to Work and checked out Peter Walsh’s It’s all Too Much from my local library. Yesterday I realized I hadn’t read it because I couldn’t find it. That is a pretty clear indicator that yes, yes I do have a problem and need help. […]

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Lunch with Punkin

Today Punkin had her 4 year old vaccinations and I ended up watching her. I gave her the choice of lunch anywhere she wanted and she chose Wendy’s. Most likely, it’s because our local one has a Coke Freestyle machine and she likes playing with that more than eating. We had this conversation during lunch: […]


Wholly Rolling

I’m generally pretty hapless with quad roller skates, doing much better with inline. However, I managed to skate for 20 or 30 minutes at this birthday party, sometimes helping a small child who was very unsteady, without once falling down. I had a few close calls, particularly in the late going when I got tired […]

Ed Martin, RIP

At the end of last week I was dealing with a sick child and a busy work week, so I barely looked at Facebook. Thus, I missed the news that Ed Martin passed away last Thursday. Although I had met Ed prior, I really spent most of my time with him in my 2000 to […]


New Years Eve

I spent New Years Eve with a glass of cheap champagne reading Flash comic books and watching Georgia Tech win the Orange Bowl. It was one of the most pleasant ones I can remember. Also on:

Holiday Willpower

I went the entirety of the holiday season, from the middle of December to present, without eating a single sugary snack. No cookies, no brownies, no fudge. No white chocolate covered Oreos, no candy canes, no truffles, no gingerbread, no candy. This doesn’t necessarily make for the most festive season, but this year I felt […]

Kubb For Xmas

So my brother and I did this over the holidays. I understand now what Garrick van Buren likes so much about the game. Also, my Kubb set received its baptism of rain and music. It is broken in now. Also on:Facebook Twitter

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Xmas Jade

My 12 year old niece last night: “Santa owes me 12 years of milk and cookies.”  Seems like someone is bummed out about learning a certain fact. Also on:Facebook Twitter


Even The Cookies Know

Some things you can’t keep a secret, even from Chinese restaurants in Alabama. Also on:Facebook Twitter

Actual Conversation

This actually just happened. KMart lady: “Well, your name isn’t on the order so I really shouldn’t let you get it. I will this one time though.” Me: “You have my personal guarantee that if I defraud KMart, it will be for something more substantial than a $10 child’s leotard.” Not sure if I helped […]


Santa Faced Pancake

Around Halloween, IHOP had a promotion doing “scary face pancakes.” We never did go and get one, but that excited Punkin so we made some of them at home using chocolate chips, marshmallows and candy corn to make various features. Last night, we read the Curious George story where he cooks pancakes and she said […]

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Thanksgiving Observation

For the second year in a row, we got a smoked turkey from Little Pigs, a BBQ joint in Socastee. It was so tender that trying to move it from the pan to the platter made it mostly fall apart into shards of turkey meat. I picked up a few bits and ate them and […]

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Punkin Head Fake of the Day

I had this exchange with my daughter the other day after having been to the Dia de los Muertos event at the Art Museum in Myrtle Beach. Punkin: “Daddy, your calavera is pretty …” Me: “Well thank you.” Punkin: “Pretty crazy looking!” Me: “Oh.” Also on:Facebook Twitter

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Goodbye to Absent Friends

Last weekend I drove to Charlotte to attend the memorial service for the late great Patrick “PG” Holyfield. It was a nice time and I’m glad I went, as nice as it could be for an event I wish with all my heart didn’t exist. I saw friends and met Kimberly, PG’s “special lady friend” […]

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Do What You Don’t Hate

I have mentioned on the blog and my podcast that I think the advice “follow your dreams” and “do what you love and the rest will follow” is unintentionally cruel. It makes anyone who has a regular day job into a failure unless that job is their dream. The market realities do not exist such […]

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