Ted Taxonomy

Here for the first time, a complete taxonomy of Ted Talks. Ted Talk: Someone with a wireless headset talking profoundiness gibberish about some heart rending nonsense TedX Talk: No actual penetration TedXXX Talk: Malcolm Gladwell 69s with Madeline Albright You are welcome, internet. Also on:Facebook Twitter

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Does anyone have experience with Stamps.com? I have a lot of shipping to do for the next 6 weeks and it would make things easier. However, I’m not wild about paying $15/month forever when I’m not using it much. If I use my favorite podcaster’s affiliate code, get the bonus offer and sign up, what […]

Truth Bomb

You can’t spell “shabbas goy” without ABBA. Don’t let my truth bomb hurt you! Also on:Facebook Twitter


More on Eat To Live

I received a question in email asking if I felt energetic over the past 5 weeks. The short answer is yes, I do go the gym — which isn’t necessarily part of the diet. Some versions of this ask you to not exercise while you recalibrate your body’s relationship with food. Exercise makes you hungrier […]


Batman vs Superman

I saw the Batman Vs Superman trailer before the Avengers. It did an excellent job of dissipating any remaining interest I had in the movie. Also on:Facebook Twitter

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Life After Knowledge

I really enjoyed Knowledge 15 last week. As always, it was a blast meeting customers, partners and coworkers. I always leave excited and exhausted. This is the fourth day since I got home and I am still tired. It’s a challenge getting back into the swing of my normal life and ordinary daily work but […]

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LetterMo 2015

I just realized with horror that we are already into February. The weekend with two child’s birthday parties – one for my own – left me not thinking too hard about the calendar. That means that if I’m going to do The Month of Letters Challenge I’m already two days behind. I’ve done it twice […]


Storm of … Oh My

I just got to the 60% point in Storm of Swords. Oh. Oh. Yes, I see what the Game of Thrones TV show watchers were on about. I think I have officially outrun the spoilers now on this 15 year old novel. I can read a little easier now. But seriously, I am glad I […]

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I know as a person of certain tribes I am supposed to squee with delight at the idea of OK Go and/or a new song/video from them. But I don’t. I am filled with a giant sense of apathy. I don’t hate what they do, but I just don’t care, not about the music, not […]

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Xmas Songs

I did a good job of avoiding Xmas songs until after Thanksgiving. I’m OK with most of the traditional ones but the modern rock holiday songs are mostly dreadful beyond belief. I would prefer to never hear McCartney’s “Simply Having …” again in my life. The Eagles, etc etc are all terrible. I don’t even […]

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Nerdist in Kansas

In this Nerdist episode where Chris Hardwick talks solo with Robert Patrick, towards the end they talk about driving alone across the country. Patrick is talking about doing it on motorcycles, and Hardwick mentions a drive where he found lots of great little towns like … Hays, Kansas. This is not news to any of […]

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I’m not wild about how Jetpack’s Publicize function pushed my test post. So, for fun I am going to try the SNAP plugin and see how it works. Also, here is a picture of a puppy. Also on:Facebook Twitter

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Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for July 31, 2014 – “Intro to Dog Days 2014”

Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast on July 31, 2014 In this episode, I talk a little about the Dog Days of Podcasting, why I am doing the challenge and what I hope to get out of it. You can subscribe to this podcast feed via RSS. To sponsor […]

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Hosting Issues

I’ve had a raft of hosting issues and two quick migrations over the long holidays. This is what you might call a non-optimal way to spend a vacation. Things seem to have settled down now and back to some stability. Here’s hoping at least. Also on:

Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for August 1, 2013 – “My Life in Fandom: Issue #0”

Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, August 1 2013. This is my first episode recorded specifically for The Dog Days of Podcasting, and is my introduction to my series within the series about my life and history in fandom – fantoms of comics, science fiction, punk rock, Subgenius and […]

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Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for June 28, 2013 – “R.I.P Tides”

Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, June 28 2013. I talk about an episode of New Disruptors about editorial cartoons and the death of the Steve Jobs, and this morbid phenomenon of overwhelming eulogies on social media (what I call a “R.I.P. tide”), I lament the loss of my […]

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The Way of the Gun

Over on Kickstarter is a fundraiser coming down to the wire for The Way of the Gun, an anthology project for fiction that crosses the western genre with the Bushido samurai code. Although Scott Roche lives in North Carolina one state away, I first met him in Baltimore at Balticon. Check out the description of […]

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Death to Diets

Here’s an article from Weighthacker about a study that suggests that diet soda causes humans to put on weight by disrupting the satiation process. I know for myself, I stopped drinking soda cold turkey in the summer of 2010 and shortly thereafter with no changes to diet or exercise I dropped 15 pounds. I then […]


SE Zine Fest

View Larger Map This Saturday October 20th in Charleston SC will be the first Southeast Zine Fest at the Redux Contemporary Art Center . It is free to attend, and sounds like a lot of fun. Because zinesters are not morning people, the event starts at noon. I would love to go but don’t think […]

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Tough Gig

From a Google Plus post I made: Surely one of the toughest jobs now has got to be ad salesman for Yellow Pages. “I’ve got a great deal for you, give us money and we’ll put you in a book that will sit on people’s porches until they get tired of stepping over it.” Also […]

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