Bernie in SC

And here is the candidate! Also on:Facebook Twitter

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Bernie in SC

Listening to Cornell West at the Bernie Sanders rally in Florence. Also on:Facebook Twitter


Vote Roderick

I’m a fan of John Roderick, his music and his podcast. I treated myself to a campaign t-shirt for his city council run. Tragically, our oppressive government doesn’t allow South Carolina residents to vote for Seattle city council. Thanks, Obama. If you live in the Seattle city limits and have not already cast your ballot, […]

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Sayre’s Law and Internet Controversies

I just watched Christiana Ellis’ most recent episode of Five More Minutes where she talks about the Batgirl variant cover being pulled. I mentioned in a comment to her that it is time to invoke Sayre’s Law, not just for this but pretty much every time one of these internet controversies erupts. The law states […]

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My Inauguaration Day Letter to Avedon

Back in the 2008 election season it was a large source of friction between myself and many of my friends and family, my tepid non-support for a Barack Obama candidacy. Taken purely on his policies he was at best the fourth best fit in the primary race for my beliefs. I didn’t much care for […]

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Mark Sanford on Ethics

SC Governor Mark Sanford will be in my town today, speaking at a Ryans restaurant that we frequent. He is scheduled to speak on ethics which ought to be rich. I wish I could go. The drama with out governor continues. He seems to be defending himself with the “Cheney Tactic.” As people criticize him […]

Democrats vs Republicans

Tom Tomorrow is uncomfortably correct about how both Democrats and Republicans behave in this cartoon. I know that getting burned out on healthcare is part of the conservative strategy so I’m trying to fight the feeling. I know a lot of the opposition is being raised because of cost. This would be a lot stronger […]

Bigger (Revenue) Than Jesus

This weekend is when the sales tax in the city of Myrtle Beach is hiked to 11.5%. Those tax and spend Republicans are at it again. I thought I’ve been places with crazy high sales tax before but I’ve never seen it this high anywhere I can recall. I note that God himself is only […]


People v. Mark Sanford

As far as I can tell, Mark Sanford’s basic approach with the federal stimulus funds is to reject them if that money is to in any way be used for helping people. Paying down debt he likes, keeping people working at their jobs he does not like. Schools are now looking at furloughing employees in […]

What If Phelps Didn’t Apologize?

I have the joy of living about 100 miles from where Michael Phelps performed his now infamous pot smoking stint captured on film. It turns out that it will probably have been the most expensive bowl ever smoked. They normally cost, what, a dollar? Phelps’ bowl will have cost him millions of dollars. Via Avedon […]


Political Thought of the Day

When I listen to Republicans talking about how unacceptable spending $1 trillion in America is, I would take them a lot more seriously if: The national debt had not increased from $5 trillion to $10 trillion when Republicans ran all three branches of the government Republicans had not been telling us over and over again […]

Hyperlocal Coverage is Hard

I went to the Conway SC mayoral debate earlier this evening. I videotaped the whole event with the plan to put it online as quickly as I could. The problem is that the sound is kind of janky, and unfortunately in a way that makes two candidates much quieter than the other two. That’s enough […]

Hyperlocal coverage of Conway SC Mayoral Elections

Over on the Grand Strand Bloggers site I have begun covering the Conway mayoral election. It’s kind of an experiment for me. I was hyped up by Ruby Sinreich’s presention at Converge South about the work she does with Orange Politics and decided I’d like to try my hand at this. If you live in […]

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Congratulations President-Elect Obama

I feel good about the election. Even though I have remained at arms length with Obama because of his failure to embrace true progressive positions, he ran an extraordinarily well organized and remarkably clean campaign. Where McCain/Palin tried to throw in fud about his associations and emphasize his otherness and use lots of code words […]

I Voted

I cast a vote today for a black man for President of the United States. Sure, there have been black candidates for the last 36 years. I strongly considered voting for Lenora Fulani in 1988, the first black person to be on the ballot in all 50 states. It is a historic day, and although […]

North Carolina TV

I’m in a hotel room in North Carolina. During the 11 PM news I believe 3/4 of all ads were campaign ads. I thought it was hard to take in South Carolina, but this is bad. One commercial break was a succession of alternating Kay Hagan and Elizabeth Dole ads. I don’t know how you […]

You Fight Like You Train And You Govern Like You Campaign

Despite my stubborn refusal to drink the Obama kool-aid, the Democrats would have had to field a real crap lousy candidate for me to fail to vote for whomever isn’t John McCain. Over and over I heard the meme about what an “honorable man” McCain is, despite his documented history of corruption and scumbaggery. I […]

Early Voting “Seems Wrong”

Local columnist Bob Bestler published a column the other day in the Myrtle Beach Sun News that may be the silliest thing I’ve read in that paper. This is not a small feat. In it, Bestler says that it seems wrong to him to have votes cast before election day because it cuts down on […]

Al Qaeda Endorses McCain

John McCain made a huge deal this spring about Hamas supporting Obama, so it’s time to play “what comes around goes around.” Today’s entrant is the fact that Al Qaeda has endorsed John McCain. Of course they would. Just like Bush/Cheney are, McCain/Palin would be partners in the terror and repression business. They need each […]

The Party of Lincoln

Here’s a repeat of something I said on FriendFeed today. I do not watch any of the 24 hour cable news channels and have scrupulously avoided them for several years now. However, it’s common to have them blaring in restaurants and car dealerships and such so I can’t always avoid them. Recently in one of […]

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