The fact that Joe Biden knew that “Bosniaks” is the proper term when I thought he was mispeaking proves that he knows a hell of a lot more about the Balkans than I do. However, Cokie Roberts equally did not know that but she thinks she’s correct. Will Cokie apologize for her counter-gaffe? One doubts. […]

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Why $700 Billion?

I figured this out in a moment of clarity, why it is that the Bush Administration is pushing for $700 billion for bailouts. That’s a very specific number for a situation that is not at all straightforward, so why $700B rather than $500B or $850B or $1 trillion? There is a concept in poker called […]

The Coup in America

I am tentatively pleased that the attempted coup in the United States of America, the one that would install Hank Paulson as acting leader of the American Junta, is running into problems. The first laugh I’ve had from the whole situation came from the image attached to this NPR story. I’m very proud of Christopher […]

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No Free Gift Money For the Rich

I’m calling my representative (Henry Brown) and both of my Senators (Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint) tomorrow. I’ll have a script somewhat prepared so that I can remain coherent through my brain melting anger. What I will be expressing is that I do not want Congress giving a $700 Billion bucket of money for Hank […]

Advice to Liberals

My friend Dan Conover has some advice to liberals in this political season, which mostly can be summed up in the title: “Chill!” I particularly like this bit from the end: Too many liberals have forgotten how to be winners. Step No. 1 is, when you take the lead, act like you’ve been there before. […]

Democrat Thought Experiment

If I were running for president as a Democrat right now, I’d be hammering on this whole Karl Rove immunity from subpoena thing pointing out that people in my administration are not above the law and are subject to congressional oversight. Then I’d try to force my opponent to say whether his stance is the […]

Get Out, Hillary Clinton

Reading the news yesterday of the Democratic Primary, an insight hit me. Even though there are ways Hillary Clinton could win the nomination there are none still in play that wouldn’t taint the process, make it feel stolen and drive away all the new energized Democrats who have been signing up for the last six […]


I haven’t really taken an interest in the Democratic primary since John Edwards dropped out. I don’t believe the media talking point that this long primary is “hurting the Democratic party.” I think the opposite is true and that it actually helps in the long run. Despite all that, I’m ready for it to be […]

Ed Cone on the Political Ground Game

My acquaintance Ed Cone has a great article on the convergence of politics and the internet. He articulates something I noticed but couldn’t put into words as well as he did. The Howard Dean campaign in 2004 and the Ron Paul campaign this time around had a lot of internet juice but neither seemed to […]

Goodbye John Edwards

Today John Edwards threw in the towel. I was working up a big citation post about this argument between my brother and me, comparing why in the head to head comparison between Edwards and Obama I found Edwards more compelling. He had my support and I think the best Democratic candidate has now left the […]

I’m Voting Edwards

John Edwards in Conway SC Originally uploaded by evilgenius Over the course of the primary season, my only real question was whether I was going to vote for Kucinich or Edwards. That question has been answered over the last few weeks, and I’m proudly voting for John Edwards. I’ve long ago decided that I hate […]

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The Beancounter Bubble

Here’s a sad article but one that seems true to me about how our country and economy has been sucked dry by beancounters. The American ship is sinking from the weight of its own economic narcissism. Our accountants and finance professionals have been richly rewarded for squeezing the last microscopic drop of profitability out of […]

Mike Huckabee, Theocrat

Here in South Carolina, there is a campaign ad for Mike Huckabee in which he says “I will put values above politics.” I’ve always thought that was a coded message to his supporters that was really said “I put Jesus above the Constitution.” That turns out to have been the correct parsing, because now he’s […]

Ron Paul in Myrtle Beach

Presidential candidate Ron Paul will be in Myrtle Beach today. A number of my coworkers are deep in the Ron Paul Madness. I’m not really sure what drives it myself. The best I can guess is that he is the guy who allows you to disapprove of the ridiculous waste of the war without having […]

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If The Media was Truly Even-Handed

Imagine if the fires in California were reported on with the same kinds of lies and panic as the flooding in New Orleans? You’d get this. I wish this were funny, but people died because aid was not sent in because “New Orleans was too dangerous” based on information that was all wrong and proven […]

I Choose Panter

You know this is a sad election cycle when artist Gary Panter (the guy who does comics, did the Pee Wee’s Playhouse Set, Zappa album covers, etc) has a presidential platform that excites me far more than any of the candidates for either party’s actual platforms. I wish I could vote for Gary. We are […]


Thomas Ravenel Has My Tax Money and A Bag of Coke (Allegedly)

Last fall Thomas Ravenel was elected as the treasurer of my state of South Carolina. Now he has been indicted on charges of cocaine possession with intent to distribute. In fact, here is the indictment. That was a pretty quick fall from grace. There are a few interesting angles on this. One I found via […]

Falwell Fallen

Jerry Falwell died today. There is only one possible interpretation of this event – God is so upset with the homosexuals and the ACLU that he killed Falwell. Falwell himself taught us that all disasters are evidence that his political enemies have angered God, and that God will take that anger out on innocents. Now […]

Politics in a Small Town

I’m still pissed off that a year and a half before the next presidential election, half of all the news I hear is about jockeying in this race. It’s manufactured by those who make money off news, which not coincidentally is where the vast majority of those grotesquely large fund raising war chests will go. […]

The Ten Commandments Vs the Constitution

I decided I’d post an entry in the blogswarm supporting the separation of church and state. It seems appropriate to do it on Easter. My blogging has risen again. For most of my adult life I’ve lived in the south and periodically down here a state senator or congressman or judge starts a furor to […]

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