Work Live Coding Test

This is just a test to see if I can embed the YouTube stream in other places. If this works and you are looking while I am live, you should see me coding and doing the nerd stuff that is my job. Also on:Facebook Twitter Twitter

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Dream Job

This is part of me literally being on the clock Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter

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Day 3

Fred Luddy is talking Developer Program at #Know16. My heart grew three sizes that day! Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Close of Day 2

This party at #Know16 is sheer madness! Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter

Day 1

Breakfast at #Know16. Huge day requires lots of fuel! Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter

My Knowledge16 Schedule

I am going to have a very big week at Knowledge16 in Las Vegas next week. Here is a summary of my schedule. Presenting: Integration 301 (Scripted Rest APIs) #1: Tuesday at 10 AM, Lagoon EFKL #2: Tuesday at 3:50 PM, Mandalay Bay IJ Automated Testing in ServiceNow (CreatorCon) Thursday at 3:50 PM, Mandalay Bay […]

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Excited for Knowledge

Knowledge16 is in just over two weeks. Is that delight or panic I feel? YES! See you in Vegas! Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter