Fie on the Olympics

One of the upshots of living in Atlanta in the early 1990s during the run up to the Olympics is that I no longer care anything about them. It is an out of control, decadent celebration for plutocrats with limited access by the people paying for it. The price tags climb ever higher, and the […]

Georgia Tech 2014

Oh Georgia Tech, I do love watching you run the triple option offense. I don’t love the wild inconsistency that seems to come with it. Has any team ever started 3-0 in a less impressive fashion? PS – I know practically nothing about football. I am reading one of Scott Sigler’s Galactic Football League novels […]

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Engaging with the Real World

Earlier this year I took a vacation from social media and I’ve been feeling the urge to turn off the computer more and get out and about in the real world. As it happens, a few weeks ago Andre Pope decided out of nowhere to assemble a softball team of the Myrtle Beach area geeks. […]

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RIP, Dinger

There have been a lot of celebrity deaths lately but none have hit me as hard as this one. Dinger the home run dog of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans died last week. He was a great dog and it was always a pleasant experience to pet him whenever we went to a home game. He […]

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My Full Tilt Fantasy Poker Picks for the Main Event

Going into the main event of the World Series of Poker, I’m sitting at 101st overall in the Full Tilt Poker fantasy league. The top 100 finishers get entrance into special freeroll that pays out an entrance to the 2010 main event (really, $12,000 which is about the equivalent – you can use the money […]

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ESPN 360 Infuriates

I have a vested interested in the outcome of the $50K HORSE event at the World Series of Poker. I have three guys from my Full Tilt Poker fantasy picks at the final table, and if they finish high or one of them wins the bracelet, I have a good shot at finishing in the […]

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Play Ball, CCU!

Wow, the brand new baseball season is off to a roaring start for the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers. In their sixth game of the season they upset the #3 North Carolina Tarheels 7 – 3. CCU is ranked #18 nationally and will probably move up from there. This might well be a great season. I can’t […]

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NBC Olympics Coverage is Unbelievably Bad

[Whoops, I forgot to press publish on this last night. The specifics change but the basics are always the same.] It’s 10 PM and the NBC coverage of the Olympics just went something like 30 minutes without showing any actual competitions. We got people talking in the studio, mind-numbing preproduced bits about the Great Wall […]

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Rough Weekend in Grand Strand Baseball

This weekend we were visiting my father-in-law in Goldsboro NC and we ended up having to get a hotel in Kinston since Goldsboro was full up. As it happened, the Myrtle Beach Pelicans were playing Kinston so we decided to all go to the baseball game. It was fun and despite getting down 8-1 by […]

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Congratulations Chanticleer Baseball

The Coastal Carolina Chanticleers baseball team is advancing to its first ever Super Regional berth. Today they beat Eastern Carolina University 24-11. Amazingly, they scored 13 runs in the 2nd inning between the first and second outs. Holy crap! Once again the season has gone by in a flash without me getting out to a […]

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The Way You Play the Game

I’m not even going to pretend this story didn’t make me cry. At Central Washington University, the women’s softball team was playing Western Oregon. CWU really needed wins to make the NCAA playoffs. When Sara Tucholsky – a career .153 hitter – hit the only home run of her career, she hurt her leg rounding […]

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Congratulations Jayhawks

I’m not a college basketball fan but since I grew up in Kansas, I felt compelled to watch KU versus Memphis State. Wow, what a game. When they were down 9 with two minutes left I thought it was over. Not only did they tie it up at the buzzer for overtime but then they […]

RIP, Jim Beauchamp

Former Atlanta Braves coach and player Jim Beauchamp has died at age 68 of leukemia. He’s one of those guys in my head inextricably linked with the conversion of the Braves from sad sack cellar dwellers to the powerhouse national contenders that they have been for most of two decades now. He was also serving […]

Go (Farther) Tribe

It’s official, I’m rooting for the Cleveland Indians. I’ve always liked the team, and was kind of glad to see them be the ones my boys beat in 1995. They are straight up worthy adversaries. Wouldn’t you think for any team that makes it to the World Series by beating both the Yankees and the […]

Go Tribe

Thank you, Cleveland Indians, for providing me with my annual dose of looking at sad Yankees and sad Yankee fans at the end of their season. They have about a billion dollars a year in payroll and yet they are still knocked out in the first round of the playoffs. There is still a tiny […]

Indians V Yankees

If my Braves are not to be in the post-season, then please please please, I beseech you Dear Bob, let Cleveland beat the Yankees tonight. I absolutely hate Roger Clemens, I hate the Yankees. My top three baseball moments of the last 20 years are 1) Braves winning in 1995; 2) The Francisco Cabrera hit […]

Lafayette Vs USC

At work several of my coworkers are rabid fans of the USC Gamecocks. Today they play my alma mater, the UL Lafeyette Ragin Cajuns in their season opener. I generally care very little about football but I do hope my boys pull out the upset and win this game because it will make Tuesday at […]


More Rollergirl Action in the Grand Strand

This Sunday September 2nd, we’ve got more rollergirl action in Conway SC. The bout starts at 6:30 PM at the DreamLand Skate Arena. There will be four, count them, four teams there for all the action you can possibly stand. Be there or your wheels be square. Also on:

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Palmetto State Roller Girls in the Paper

Today there is a story in the Myrtle Beach paper about the Palmetto State Roller Girls. It’s OK but what is really notable is that someone I know is right up front in the photo. The story seems pretty focussed on how white collar and/or academic most of the team is. I’ve been deputized by […]

Go (Further) Chanticleers

The first rain we’ve had in a month had to be the weekend that the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers were hosting the NCAA baseball regional. All of Saturday’s games were washed out. They made up a little ground Sunday and now Coastal plays Clemson today at 3 PM. Because the Chanticleers lost to Clemson yesterday, they […]

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