Go Chanticleers

It’s been a big weekend for the Coastal Carolina University baseball team. First, they won the Big South title and got the automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. That wasn’t so essential, as they were virtually a lock to make it regardless. Depending on the poll, they rank between 7th and 17th in the nation. […]

Roller Girls Action

Roller Girls Action Originally uploaded by evilgenius. The roller derby was a hell of a lot of fun. It took me quite a while to figure out the rules, and even by the end I didn’t quite understand the penalty structure. I just went by the rule of them that if the girl with the […]

Super Sunday

When I was a kid, I pretended to care about the Superbowl. I was a misfit on enough fronts that I just went with the flow and didn’t fight this American tradition. Once I grew up and gained a little more self-confidence, I stopped pretending that I care in the slightest. I don’t even like […]

Congratulations St Louis Cardinals

They entered all three post-season series as underdogs, and now they are the 2006 World Champions. They played great ball, they took advantage of the other teams’ errors, more often than not they answered all oppenent runs the next time they took the plate. Right on. You got a love a team that barely played […]

You Hate to See This

I’m pulling for the Cardinals in the World Series, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy watching the Tigers throwing balls away, wild pitching, getting caught in rundowns needlessly and so forth. This is just plain a groups that isn’t playing like a championship team. I hope they didn’t let all the pre-Series hype go to […]

Pros and Cons of a Sweep

The upside of the World Series going to seven games – more exciting post-season drama. The upside of the World Series ending in a sweep by the Cardinals – three fewer games with frigging Tim McCarver. Also on:

I’m an NL Boy

I had said that I’m about even in rooting for the Tigers or the Cardinals. Now that the game is going on, I have to say that my National League colors are flying. I like the Tigers and am glad they made it all the way, but I’m pulling for Saint Louis. The fact that […]

Congratulations, St. Louis

Way to go. That was a great game. If it hadn’t been for that miraculous catch by Chavez, this game would have been closer to the cakewalk I wanted. I found out from my buddy Richard in IM that I’m 3 degrees from Adam Wainwright, the Cards’ closer and the man on the mound when […]

One Out from Detroit

Does it get better than this? Two on, two outs in the bottom of the ninth. One swing can end the series for either team. Gut check, teeth clenched, rock on. Tommy Lasorda is right, “I love this game!” Also on:

Crunch Time

It’s the end of the 8th inning, and the score is still tied. I had two ways I wanted this game to go. If the Cards were to win, I wanted an early lead and a cakewalk through the game. If the Mets were to win, though, I wanted it to be a 19 inning […]

Kirby Puckett Remembered in the Lens of October Ball

Two threads intersect in this post. I’ll try to tie them together as neatly as I can. 1 – I’m actually more enthused about this baseball post-season than many of the last decade. In a strange way, having the Braves never get in it changed my expectations and experience. Rather than watching them lose in […]

Go Cards!

Series tied up 2-2, it’s time for the Cards to show they are serious and take this game. It’s up to you to protect the World Series as a haven for good Midwestern teams this year. Can someone wake up Albert Pujols, perhaps. You know, I’ve had years to get used to this but every […]

Go Cards!

Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals. Alright, now it’s time to whoop up on the Mets. I know this team is capable of it. Also on:

Postseason in a New World

The first postseason in 15 years without the Braves in it is a mixed blessing for me. For once I don’t have to watch them play a lackluster divisional series and get knocked out in the first round. In fact, maybe this interruption in their streak will knock the sense of entitlement out of them […]

R.I.P. Kirby Puckett

Sad news about the death of Kirby Puckett. As a Braves fan, watching him and the Twins beat them in the 1991 series was about as much fun as you can have watching your team lose. I always have a soft spot for the players that seem to enjoy playing the game, which was Puckett […]


For the first time I can remember, I managed to not even notice the Olympics were happening until after they were underway. I used to be crazy for them – summer and winter – and watched whatever coverage was available to me wall to wall, and nowadays I don’t even care. Also on:


Here’s what the Superbowl means to me. 1. – For one day out of the year, we can go anywhere we want without a crowd or a wait for a table. 2. – Eleven more days until pitchers and catchers report. Also on:

Sox Win!

Wow, the Sox just won the World Series. It’s kind of amazing how low key the celebration is, considering that it’s been 88 years since the last title. I like this win. I’d have rather seen it be the Braves, but they did their annual laydown in the divisionals just like clockwork. This is almost […]

Game 3

You know, whenever there are two teams in the World Series that are not any of my rooting teams, I almost always habitually root for the NL team (with exceptions being made when the NL team is the Mets or the Cubs). For some reason, I’m captivated by this year’s White Sox and am pulling […]

One Out of Three Ain’t That Good

I had three teams I was rooting for in the field of 64 of the NCAA baseball tournament: Georgia Tech, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and Coastal Carolina. All three teams made it to the finals of their respective regionals, but the latter two teams didn’t make it. Both were coming up from the losers […]

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