Social Media Vacation, Week 2

Not only am I not finding it hard to stay away from social media, I’m thinking about staying away nearly permanently. In my previous fit of pique where I dynamited my entire Twitter network I only used Twitter when I was at science fiction conventions. That was predominantly to find out which room parties and […]

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Inbox 20

One side effect I hadn’t actually considered when I took the social media vacation was that I got caught up on my email within a week. When I started my break last week, my Mac’s inbox was around 300 emails. Today, without the constant distraction and without making any sort of heroic attempt, I have […]

If Creativity is an Avalanche, Twitter is Regular Cannon Fire

Ski resorts sometimes use cannon fire to prevent large scale avalanches. They do this by triggering very small avalanches at regular intervals, firing howitzers or air cannons into the higher snow banks to shake loose the chunks that are shake-loosable. The more I think about it, I think regular use of Twitter has done a […]

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Notes from the Social Media Vacation Week 1

Here are some random thoughts from the first week of my social media timeout: In the lead up to this, it was suggested that I would have a hard time saying away from Twitter et al. It is not hard, it is very easy. I’m wondering now if I ever really want to come back. […]

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Kick Start My Heart

At CREATE South last week, we had an informal pitch session at which I primed the pump by going public with some of my skunkworks projects, one of which is an independent documentary idea that I’ve been kicking around for years. In it, I mentioned that I thought I could bring the project in for […]

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My Social Media Vacation Begins Today

Last night when I went to bed, I shut down Twitter (HootSuite, really) and Facebook and FriendFeed. I’m not going to look at or log in to any of those things for the next 30 days. There might be slight exceptions if I get a Facebook invite to something timely I want to accept but […]

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The Shortest of Short Urls

This post is somewhat of an experiment. I’ve recently been shown the power of unicode domains, particularly in the case of URL shorteners for Twitter where every character counts. I’ve successfully tweeted these shortened URLs and had them correctly sho up on FriendFeed and Facebook. I’m curious if the Ecto to WordPress chain will be […]

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Big Day in the eReader World

I missed it yesterday when Paul Biba at Teleread picked up on my ‘Kindle is not closed’ post from the weekend, which is gratifying and predictably brought out pushback in the form of comments including this one from Mitch Ratcliffe and a contrary response post from David Rothman. Some people agreed with me, some didn’t […]

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Inbox Zero(ish)

Over the last week I made a serious effort to get my email inbox under control. I entered the week with over 200 messages in there, and now I have 13. That’s the limit that seems about like zero to me because I can see every mail in there without scrolling. I returned some of […]

The Kindle is NOT a Closed System

I want to address one of the biggest bits of spurious push back I see on the Amazon Kindle. I see people over and over saying they don’t want one because it is a “closed system.” This is not the truth and I’ll get to that after a little prelude. I’ve had mine for about […]

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Technorati Shuts Down OpenID?

I have been using as my OpenID delegate for years now. Just this morning I went to authenticate to something and got a “404, Page Not Found” error from the open ID access page. I know that David Sifry is no longer with them and the company seems to be changing focus more towards […]

The Return of the MP3 Player

I’ve posted before about my Insignia Sport 4 GB cheapo MP3 player, and also about how I fit it into my podcast listening workflow. I’ve had a few hitches in that but am now in better shape and am happier with my podcast consumption than ever before. First, for years I’ve been listening in my […]

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Jared Smith Joins ReadWriteWeb

Congratulations to Jared Smith for his new gig as webmaster for ReadWriteWeb! Jared is active in new media in South Carolina just down the road in Charleston and is a strong player in their scene. He’s been a strong participant in the Carolinas, having presented at hte BlogHer make-up day that Kelby Carr and I […]

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Media Multitasking and the Fast Twitch Impulse

I saw on FriendFeed that Howard Rheingold pointed to this study from Stanford about attention and mixed media. The basic idea is that people that are high multi-taskers in media consumption find it harder to do tasks that require discriminating things that are important from that are irrelevant. At the risk of cherry picking the […]

FriendFeed, Facebook and the Insider Logroll

Yesterday the news broke that Facebook has acquired Friendfeed. It’s way early in the process of figuring out what this means going forward, but until it is proven otherwise to me, I’m assuming that there is nothing good in this for me. I like FriendFeed as it is and have been touting it for over […]

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My Projects and Action Items from Balticon

I walked away from Balticon in May with a list of things to do. I had three primary ideas/ action items. I’ll lay them out as ideas. Anyone that wants to take these ideas and run with them, go for it. I’d much rather see them exist in the world than be a Dave ™ […]

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Blogging’s Midlife Crisis

Regional compatriot Ed Cone has an interesting post from a few days ago, republishing his column from the Greensboro News and Record. In it, he ponders blogging a decade in. It’s too late to be the avant garde and too early to be the new mainstream. The interesting thing is that the restless malaise he […]

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My Favorite Tweet

My disinterest in Twitter has been pretty documented on this blog. I stopped using it some time ago. I still see people’s tweets via FriendFeed but I couldn’t care less if the service disappeared tomorrow. That said, here is my favorite tweet of all time. It rolls up everything I liked about Twitter and everything […]


Rip: A Remix Manifesto: FAIL!

I saw some references to Rip: A Remix Manifesto (probably on Lessig’s blog, I forget) and it sounded interesting and right down the line with my political beliefs. I went to the site and see they are doing an “open source film tour.” OK, interesting. You have to create an account to book a showing […]

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Kindle Edition of Fans, Friends and Followers

It’s “credit where credit is due” time. A few days I blogged about what seemed odd to me, that Scott Kirsner’s book Fans, Friends and Followers: Building an Audience and a Creative Career in the Digital Age was not available in a Kindle edition. I emailed him and asked in so many words “What’s with […]

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