LG I Knew Better

I got an LG G2 in Jan – by Oct it was unusable. I got an LG G4 in Jan – it’s approaching unusable. Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter


Kinivo Headphones RIP

My Kinivo BTH240 headphones have been a workhorse. I bought them when my wired headphones died my first week of work at my current job, and have used them pretty much all day every day since then. After 2.5 years, they have about had it. First the left ear started going out intermittently. Now, they […]

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Mobile Twitter Client Request

Does anyone know of a mobile Twitter client (preferably at least one each for iOS and Android) that allows you to point to arbitrary sites that implement the Twitter API? I know of some that let you use multiple services, but I want to use this with a demo of how easy it would be […]


Living in the Future

I still find it tremendously cool to SSH into my server box to iptables drop a malicious IP from my phone in a park. It is also cool to be able to blog about it at the same time. Also on:Facebook Twitter


Return of the Phone

The prodigal LG G2 has returned. In 7 hours, it hasn’t locked up or rebooted once so it clearly is better than it was before I sent it off. I’m glad to have it back but am now even more mad at LG. I wanted them to send me a refurb and just take the […]

LG G2 Odyssey Continues

I called LG about my still broken phone late on Friday October 17th. They sent me a prepaid shipping label and I dropped it in the Fed Ex box on Sunday October 19th. The phone had finally made it back to me earlier today. I watched the Fed Ex truck pull up to my house […]

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Last Chance

OK, LG G2. You’ve been to the repair facility in Fort Worth and back. You disappointed me immediately out of the envelope and then kept your nose clean for days trying to lull me into a sense of security. I’m giving you the benefit of a doubt, setting you back up and using you normally. […]


My Kindle Spanish to English Dictionary in the Wild

Early this year, I made available to the internet for free the Kindle formatted dictionary that does Spanish to English translation. I know that people continue to use it and that post still gets comments after nine months. Today I found a reference to Bill Ferguson’s blog about his efforts to learn Spanish. In it […]


Ebooks From TV – My New Side Project

It’s true, I do not need Yet One More Side Project. Regardless, I have one. Talking to Paul Fischer at Balticon a few weeks ago, I was mentioning to him my ebook buying dynamic. I said that “If I see a book on Colbert or the Daily Show that interests me, I look to see […]

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Using Calibre to Fetch Instapaper Documents

Today I was listening to Episode #81 of the Kindle Chronicles. It was especially interesting to me for three reasons: James McQuivey’s analysis of the Amazon/Macmillan dispute Len gave tips about using the great Instapaper service with one’s Kindle and Len mentioned me by name to reference this post on my thought experiment. In the […]

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More Kindle Stuff

I’m aware that most of what little I’ve blogged in calendar year 2010 is Kindle related. What can I say? It’s what I’ve been most interested in lately, which corresponds with me also not having a whole lot to say on much else. C’est la blog. I got some nice traction on my Spanish to […]

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Kindle Vs Nook: My Experience

Update: Since this post seems to have gotten a lot of traction and still gets hits and comments, I should point out that whether you choose the Kindle or the Nook, my new project Ebooks from TV is great for either! I am blogging this from a Barnes and Noble cafe (specifically, the one at […]

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My Free and Open Kindle Formatted Spanish to English Dictionary

Over the holidays, I took upon myself a challenge. I’ve been fiddling around creating a Mobipocket format dictionary consisting of Spanish words and their English translations. I wanted to be able to set it as my primary dictionary on the Kindle and then use it for on-demand word translation as I gut through trying to […]

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Kindle Tools I Am Using

I got my Kindle in March 2009 and shortly after that I installed Calibre, mostly to test out its ability to convert PDFs and other documents into Mobi format. It wasn’t until the holidays that I really worked with it a lot and realized what a sophisticated library management tool it is. I’m too lazy […]

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Google Contacts and the G1

I have not been the slightest bit tempted by the iPhone but I’m a little interested in the idea of the G1 Android phone. Our AT&T contracts aren’t up until this spring so I’ve got lots of time to mull over the decision but I’m beginning to like the idea of it. I’ve been reading […]

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Making a Zune Holder Out of Trash

I’ve been doing a lot of video watching at my desk at work since Ken Kennedy was kind enough to give me his unused Zune. One of the downsides of watching at my desk is that the viewing angle is really bad when it is sitting down. Laid flat it is way to low and […]

Thoughts on the Zune

Thanks to friend of the blog/podcast Ken I now have a 30 GB Microsoft Zune on indefinite loan. I got it the day before Thanksgiving. Because of all the videos I had in my backlog it took two days of syncing and transcoding for it to be completely ready to go. I started actually using […]

Headphone Keeper

I saw this link on the Make blog about a project to make a headphone cord organizer out of an old credit card. I’ve been meaning to put it together every day for the last month, because my Zen V Plus becomes an unruly mass of lanyard and headphone ever single time I put it […]

Creative Zen V Plus and My Podcast Enjoyment Workflow

So after a few weeks of using it, I have to say that I’m pretty happy with my new Creative Zen V Plus. After the pain in the ass of getting a Windows XP box set up to handle the syncing, all is well. I have Juice running on the box but have also installed […]

More on Gadgets

On Friday, I had my first stint watching videos on the Creative Zen V Plus. I wasn’t completely sold, but I have to sat it was quite an agreeable experience. When I synced it up, I let it move and transcode every video I had downloaded on the XP box, so there are about 25 […]

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